P.T. Pre load Sup position?

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    My better half has been on the preload for about a couple years now but just recently acquired benefits through team care. My better half is a hard worker and has been approached a few times about becoming a PT pre load Sup already for the Company, it just seems fishy to me.
    I think its better to stay union myself with benefits & raises that are free via the team care, where PT sups must pay for benefits. Can anyone tell me some pros vs cons of becoming a PT pre load Sup? I would like for my better half to stay union and get into small sort instead of loading the package cars everyday. These damn full time Sups keep saying its going to be a longtime to get up in small sort and we know this is B.S. because there are people working up there lower in seniority then my better half. I advised my better half to get the union involved and bump the lower seniority people out of there I know this is possible because I worked part time as seasonal driver for a short time. Also if my better half chose to cross over to PT sup can they move you to another building? Right now we are located very close to a hub 10 minutes away from our home. So I worry about my better half being transferred to another building far away.
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    Is UPS a job or career? If it's some young college kid who's looking to build a resume, I recommend PT sup.

    If you are worried about him being transferred from the hub only 10 minutes away, he should not go PT Sup.

    Generally people who couldn't do the job become pt sups. If he's doing the job good enough for the union, then stay.
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    It appears you have answered your question.
    If your "better half" wants the constant hassle from people above as well as below him/her/it then go to PT management.
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    I don't believe PT sups can be forced to transfer to different buildings. Maybe given the opportunity to switch sorts if UPS has the need. As far as bumping into the smalls sort don't believe that would necessary be a better job. Most of the dead wood end up in smalls and there is a lot of back stabbing. With only a couple years seniority he is still a newbe compared to guys with 10 or 20 years in.
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    The first part of your statement is clearly untrue.

    The second part confirms my position that unions promote mediocrity.

    To the OP-----your better half needs to stay right where he is.
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    In our building, the small sort is not a position you can typically bid into because it's, generally, used for TAW for job related injuries and scrawny people who can't load packages.
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    Mostly old ladies and tubbies who complain all the time.
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    We must agree to disagree then. Multiple new hires who were originally brought on for preload (and didn't make it through probation, most common was misloads) is who became pt sups.

    This we agree on.
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    Does your "better half" look anything like this?
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    If you do a search, you'll find an infinite number of threads on this topic. In general:

    o significant increase in wage - some relatively new employees report starting near $18/hour
    o pay is based on 27.5 hours per week
    o $5K in tuition reimbursement per year (TAX FREE) [a handful of locations extended this benefit to hourly employees as well]
    o UPS rarely fires PT sups, even ones with habitual behavior/attendance problems; at worst, they'll transfer you to another facility
    o will retain Company Seniority if you're studying/pursing professional positions

    o must pay for insurance; cannot insure "better half" if he/she is eligible for benefits elsewhere [NOTE: you don't pay federal, state or local taxes on your co-premium, so depending on your taxable income, it could be a wash with union dues]
    o raises are inferior to hourlys', so if you plan to stay here long enough, eventually they'll pass you in wage
    o much tougher to get into FT driving
    o inferior salaries if moving into FT supervisor, since it's based on your current pay

    Another possible con is that your FT manager will make you work in excess of 27.5 hours per week without OT... however, from my observations, it usually evens it except for those PT supervisors who WILLING do it because they think it'll get them a FT job.

    Ultimately, if you only plan to work a UPS a few years (e.g. you're in school), PT supervisor is a great job and looks wonderful on a resume. If you're seeking to retire from UPS, it's not the job for you... and HR will tell you so, anyway.

    Don't get your hopes up, dude.... judging by the verbage, I'd bet on a same-sex relationship...
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    It does seam fishy that they are asking a person who had worked there for a couple years

    And you would think that person would know what it is like to be a PT sup after a couple years working there
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    Like others have said, if said person is in school and will leave the company relatively soon, go PT sup.

    I've witnessed a lot of people become PT sups, and many don't work out. You'll face pressure from your work group and from the FT sups. If you can command respect from above and below, do it. I've seen a lot of them get pushed around though.
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    When anybody uses the term "better half", I always think of a magician sawing someone in half.