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    Is there any pay difference when you start... Lets say your a p/t with 7 years with UPS(not all 7 are supervision) Is that considered when you first start driving? Or do you get the basic starting rate?

  2. once you go supervision, I don't believe your PT years matter anymore, you are considered an outside hire I believe (the "1" part of the 6-1 list). You start at the bottom of the driver progression which I believe is 14.70+ (varies I think depending on where you are) then you get a raise when you make seniority. You get a raise every year (from your seniority) date until you reach 2.5 years at which time you will be at top rate which is currently 28+/hr.
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    Sorry Worma thats not true! You have formula for your pay, if your a sup. You divide your monthly salary by I believe is 23. something days and get your daily rate and then you divide that by 5 and presto you get your hourly rate. Thats the rate you start and go into regular progression.
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    Maybe things have changed... I hope.
    I was at 18.75 based on a a 25 hr work wk.
    I was told I would get my rate and not progress to anything higher til my progression rate went above that. They bumped me back to 9.14 ph, and I progressed from there. I got hosed. I dont think they are doing that anymore, unless at least til you sign your quit papers, and are in a new category. Get it in writing, even my HR guy thought I got screwed, and I did. But I hear its all better now. You are at the bottom of the list as far as driver seniority, but you keep your yrs for vacation etc. Keep a watch on that list, also.
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    Okay... Thanks for all the responses.... I did the calculation and its not much above the starting rate.

    Got another question... Have any of you guys heard of p/t sups going into combo(22.3) jobs?
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    When I went driving after being a pt sup 5 years. I was an outside hire. (I think it was a 4 to 1 ratio then) I was making about $2000 a month ($20 an hour) Went to the staring wage of $12.67 and waited my 2 years to full scale.
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    I don't think a sup can get a 22.3 job, after all, weren't the 22.3 jobs created for part-time union members to become full-time?? But then again I am hearing stories on here of full-time drivers taking 22.3 jobs, so you never know. The contract needs to have better language and explain everything in more detail..
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    Was going driving a good decision? I am torn.
  9. wow? one of our supes got screwed then lol :w00t:
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    Yes, I wish I wasn't lied to about becoming a pt sup. Driving is much easier. Once you get over the pay cut and get full scale you'll be glad you did it.
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    Not even going to touch the "lying" part, '89--no offense meant. I've heard driving is very hard on your body--even following the methods. Following the methods just delays the pain X number of years.

    Somewhat off-topic but I've been asked to go into management a few times lately LOL. Just today, the full-time supe in charge of training for my sort said, "Tell me why you haven't gone for supe yet." I laughed and told him I have a family member in management. He sighed and said, "Well, that takes care of that." A sort manager wants me to put in for it, too. I saw him today when I was talking to a p/t supe friend of mine in a room where a meeting was about to start. A full-timer saw me sitting in a chair, nodded my direction and whispered to the sort manager, "What's he doing here???" I caught the nod and heard the whisper. I stood, looked at the sort manager with a smile on my face, raised my hands in a non-aggressive gesture and murmured, "Don't look at me. I'm outta here!" LOL. Rocky
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    Were any of you given specific intsrtuctions on how to become a driver from P/T SUP....Did you have to submit any type letter?