P/T Sups working Black Friday? My dilemma...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by imunknown2u, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. imunknown2u

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    I'm just curious if there are any part-time sups working black friday. I'm a P/T sup at a building in NY. I was asked to come in Black Friday and work, but to NOT put in a time card (excuse me?). I found this strange since I get my head caved in if I show up to work at 2:05 and put 2:00. They scream and yell to make sure my time card is accurate, but now if I don't put a time card in on Friday, that's not being very accurate. Obviously I see what they are doing, and they only want it to be accurate when it benefits them. I'm sure they'll follow it up by giving me a day off or something to make up for it, I'm just curious what other part-time supervisors may have heard this.
  2. DookieBooBoo

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    If you go in there put in your time. That way you have proof that you did work. Chance are those people are / will :censored2: you out of the day since you won't have proof that you did work. Don't be fooled.
  3. code42

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    I thought sups were salary and days like these were free labor
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    They are salary but they would get a comp day after Peak.
  5. Jones

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    If I'm not mistaken PT sups are no longer salary. I don't know if there was a lawsuit or maybe just a change in the labor laws, but at least in our building this change was made a few years ago.
  6. over9five

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    Sounds unethical to me...!
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...almost as bad as a drunk displacing two PT employees.
  8. over9five

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    WA, don't get me started!!
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  10. TheDick

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    work for free? hmmmm.....
  11. TearsInRain

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    none of our part-time supes are working friday, just the full-timers

    i was told, however, that i will soon have double the workforce, and triple the volume

    oh, and "perfect service" by 8:30, as always..
  12. DookieBooBoo

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    PT Sups are guaranteed 27.5 hours. If we work 20 we get paid for 27.5. If we go over those hours then we get paid 101% of our pay per hour. Overtime can be achieved by work more than 8 in a day or 40 in a week. But never both. I work 37 hours & 2 days are 9 hour days. So I get O.T for the 2 days & straight pay for the other hours. Make sense?