Package handler to P.T. sup issues

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    i got hired in December 3 days before my husband, I’ve been training to take small sort over from the P.T. sup who was previously there. I pretty much run smalls on the daily and well, I love it. My husband was promoted to load line P.T. sup in may. I asked about what I’ve been working so hard for and was told no..... because my husband works the same preload and building. I know a ft sup had his wife in the building as a P.T. sup, anyone else had married sups?
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    Is your husband a hourly and you are a Supervisor?

    Nevermind I just read it again.
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    I should add that three of the FT sups keep telling me that they need me but upper management is the ones saying no.

    There would be no line of authority between my husband and I , the way our building runs smalls is its own country compared to the load lines.

    Our center has 3 different sections of load lines, the only way sups really switch lines is if we’re down people so it would pretty much be impossible for us to need to work on the same lines.

    I have been told that you aren’t allowed to just pick your placement in the building which I understand but at the same time, why not hire the one person in the building who actually handles small?

    My husband and I have kept it very professional at work, we really only see each other at break. We have other couples/family in the building who work together often. ( 2 unloaders in the same trailer we’re married, they unloaded together frequently) (lady spa married to man unloader, he unloaded her trucks and still does today) (route makers mother is a clerk and she often calls her mom to have her bring her chargers/coffee/water)

    I feel like I am being discriminated but I finally got HR to let me at least take the P.T. test, scheduled for tomorrow.

    I have talked to other hr both on the call line and in person (were being audited yay!) and many have said that I should be able to work the same preload but have a different one of authority.

    I really just want as much information as I can get on if they are even allowed to tell me this because I will get this position....... I may have to call in the big guns (as if an enternal audit isn’t enough).

    Our current P.T. sup is also doing trailers, our unload sup was taken away and the building manager and 2 other ft sups run around like idiots trying to keep the building flowing... why are they so worried about the fact I take a sup to bed and not the fact that we are professional and we could be a huge investment for the company.

    Is my head in my ass? Should I be less worried about my career options and more worried about what’s for lunch?
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    Going p.t. supe is not a promotion. It's a death sentence. You will stay there forever until you quit and move on.
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    Run his arse off

    Then gimme a call
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    That’s the first thing I thought of, and the answer is turkey on rye, with deli mustard this time, or you’ll be making another.
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    if neither of you is in the chain of command for the other, it’s fine

    whoever is holding you up hasn’t read the rules lately
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    Pt sups? That’s funny. At my center they get no respect.
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    Don't think too highly of yourselves.