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    Worked at UPS as an unloader for 1 month, and am enjoying the hard work it takes, my supervisors are good people and so are my coworkers, but was just asked to be a supervisor. I own a degree, and am still pursuing more education this august, and am one of the new hires with a retention bonus. I haven't even began paying union initiation fees or dues.

    I will say now I don't know jack about anything, but new contract is here, people are telling me new hires/recent hires are going up to around $13 (I make $10.40 now), and I have heard/read that pt sups are getting around $15-16 starting, and it is based on their hourly salary they already have.

    I want to know if I lose my retention bonus since I wouldn't be a part time package handler. With around 20 hours a week everything considered, I am making near $14 before taxes. If my wage increased to around $13 I would be making more than a supervisor if I kept the retention, assuming sup pay doesnt change. If supervisors are not getting wage increases then if I become a pt supervisor before the new contract then would my starting pay be lower than if I waited longer?

    I have some feeling that them asking me so soon has something to due with the new contract coming, besides them just needing more pt supervisors or management people. I have another job so I get on average 45-50 hours a week between the two, and it is also very physical work. I will only be working at UPS during school, the other day job is seasonal construction work.

    From researching threads you have more hours and get :censored2: on at work when you become a sup. It might be a problem working more hours during school/hard to manage my time and workload, but I really could use a break from the physical labor intensive aspect of the job, as it leaves me with very little energy when I am not at work. I don't mind needed to learn other areas of the hub and taking on more responsibilities. I am still a dependent on parents insurance, so with all that I have said, what does it come down to? Will I end up making more hourly as a supervisor if choose to do it right away? I am not aiming for a career as a driver or management, but I know UPS likes to retain its degree holders into higher/different positions. My future plans are obtaining full time work in my educational area (engineering) within 2 years, or an officer career in the military, so I would be in this position for no more than 2 years. Sorry it was so long, is this something I should ask HR, or can someone send me/link me contract information/where to find it?
  2. Dont do it.
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    Behold the rare ups employee who doesn't understand a yes or no question lol
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    oh oh..Now you did it!
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    lots o respect fer you long term boys and girls
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    I wouldn't make any change until after the contract is ratified in some form. Worst case you wait until the starting wage increase and then your starting supervisor wage should be higher I would think. Right now they're going to base it off of your current hourly wages, no guarentee of a bump once the contract passes. Just my opinion if your going that route.
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    Since you aren't planning on staying with UPS for the long haul or wanting to go drive I say go for it.

    Less physical labor and you still get tuition reimbursement.

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    What's you doing handling packages! :cursing:..Sorry I jumped the gun, you are thinking about going into a part time supervisor position not there yet, kind of edgy with this contract thing going around. Truth be know you will still be doing hard physical work as a supervisor, you already seen it with the continuing understaffing and no shows with the part time workforce. Somebody has move the packages and it will not be your full time supervisor or manager, so do not throw away your good work gloves or shoes and wear comfortable clothing. Sounds like you are on a good path whatever career you choose, also think about staying union for awhile with this contract there is a possibility of more full time positions opening up. Trust me on this one, the union has it's faults but once you jump ship to management you might be in for a rude awakening.
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    There’s probably a good reason they’re asking you to become a PT sup right before a potential strike.
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    Okay so with the potential strike, is it okay to assume that they want me to be pt-supervisor before I join the union, so that they have someone who is working if the strike happens? Or should I be worrying about something else I can not think of like they are trying to pay me less overall or get rid of me? :l I am taking all the advice and 70% leaning towards staying as the unloader. Comparing union dues vs non-union dues and the potential contract salary changes, my little bonus will help with the dues and I get to work less during school (I am afraid of peak season in general, but especially as pt supervisor). Thanks people, I shall continue my career as a brownie/browner/brownnoser for now
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    Also what does everyone mean rude awakening,wearing the kneepads, preparing the lube, etc. (I get the implications), am I likely to get fired or something? Or just acquire unhappiness and lose respect?
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    Where Did you buy your degree?

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    -What many people are warning you about is the following:

    -Currently part-time sups are not allowed to work more than 30 hours per week.
    -NO OVERTIME! we get yelled at by our full time sup when you go over by a minute, thus, many sups work for free about an hour per day.
    -On most days when your full time sup screws up and blows up your last trailer you will most likely have to send your loaders home before finishing the job and what happens then? you will hear screaming on the radio that all sups must gather at one PD to help load the 20 plus carts of bulk into one frigging tailer.

    -did I mentioned that you will need to report that second break that you never took.

    ........just a little of what is ahead.......
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    Sounds like a blast
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    Not if you have a pretty mouth