Package precision

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    Package precision

    Millions of packages move seamlessly each night through the UPS Worldport hub to the rest of the world.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The airport here comes alive shortly before midnight.
    UPS jets touch down on both of Louisville International's parallel runways about every 90 seconds. Tugs pull lines of cargo containers across the apron, dodging squat, yellow fuel trucks, belt loaders and other traffic.
    One night last week, 1.1-million air express packages at the UPS Worldport hub zipped along the 122 miles of conveyors and were separated by destination, scanned and loaded back on planes for morning delivery - all in about four hours.

    Volume is building with the holidays and will peak here Wednesday at more than 2-million express air items during the hectic late-night and smaller afternoon "sort."


    Avg. Daily Deliveries: 14.1-million
    Avg. Daily Air Shipments: 2.2-million
    Est. Peak Daily Deliveries: 20-million (Dec. 20)
    Est. Peak Daily Air Shipments: 5-million (Dec. 21)
    Worldport Avg. Daily Package volume: 1.1-million
    Est. Peak Worldport Package volume: 2-million (Dec. 21)
    Worldport sort capacity: 304,000 packages per hour
    Worldport miles of conveyers: 112
    Source: UPS
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    That's a lot of packages!
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    Then why do we continue to hear that volume is down....
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    I can't help but get excited. l)
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    It has nothing to do with actual volume, and everything to do with projections. Unmatched Projection Statements.
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    Volume is always down according to the I.E plan !! On James Casey's first day of business,he picked up 3 pkgs! on the second day he only picked up 2 !! So with this formula in place since he didn't pick up 4 on his second day,,,,Volume has been down since 1907 !!!