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    Hi, I have an opportunity to be a part time dockworker at UPS Freight. I have a Class A CDL with tanker endorsement and I would eventually like to drive for them. They also seem interested in me driving but I'm sure it will be limited at first. My question is does it usually take a long time to become full time with UPS Freight? Also, is UPS Freight a good company to work for? I have read reviews and some of them don't paint a very pretty picture. Thanks
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    I'm actually not too picky. I'll take whatever they offer.
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    All of this is dependent on where you are being hired at. This job has its good points (pay after you are at top rate. 4 year progression) and its bad points (over management). You will here all types of complaints and drivers being happy, it all depends on how things are at the barn you are hired at. Good luck, I can't make this decision for you, just remember all jobs have good and bad points, ask as many drivers in your terminal as possible.
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    Thanks for the reply