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    I use to work the night local sort and then recently moved to preload, but now alot of preloaders are getting laid off continuously, this is my first week I have been laid off but I was wondering if I can bump someone off of the local sort because I have more seniority over most of them. I just am not sure if part time employees can bump other part time employees.
  2. PT Stewie

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    If you have seniority you should be able to consult your steward or BA
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    If the layoff exceeds one week, you may displace any junior part-time employee in the building.
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    Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it
  5. JG54

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    Does anyone know where the lay-off information is in the contract books?
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    It will be in your local supplement/ rider section of the contract
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    I think it will probably depend on whether you have one seniority list, building wide for part-timers or if you have a Twilight list and a Preload list. You also need to see how your transfer affected your seniority as some supplements will dove-tail you and others will place you at the bottom for vacation/preferred job/ and layoff consideration.
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    pg. 208 in mine. Sect. 3