Part-time management promotion process?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by cental34, Dec 16, 2006.

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    I realize this is mostly going to fall on deaf ears, as most of you seem to swear by your hourly status, however I am a rehire, attempting to re-enter part-time management. The only thing is, the process seems to have changed since last time I worked for the company. People have warned me that it will take long, and that it is harder, but its been several months now, and I've had no communication at all. I followed up with my manager and found out my full-time supervisor now has my promotion packet. Nothing has been mentioned to be about an evaluation or test, and no clue has been given to me when I might hear something. I seem to be getting mixed signals from all sorts of different people. Is anyone familiar with the new process? Are there any recent promotees here? What sort of timeframe did you experience? I plan on following up with my full-timer as soon as I get the chance, but I thought it might not be a bad idea to see if anyone can give me some insight here.
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    i guess there are tests that you have to do now. well, i guess there's a math section added on now. have you talked to hr? otherwise, keep bugging the full timer.
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    The time frame is really different for different people and how much they need sups, so it really depends.

    Once your packet goes to HR (I think) your ft will get a login/pass for the computerized test (which is really easy). Then they'll have you take the test and then you go into some sort of pool of available people.

    For me, the overall process was really quick from turn-in to promotion, but they can drag it out. I think they also dangle supervision in front of people that they have no intention of promoting in order to improve that person's production and that is another reason it can take a long time.
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    Yeah, that's kind of my fear. Since I used to be a supervisor, I think they know how much I want this promotion. My first time around, it was a 2 month process, start to finish. Now, I turned my letter in 3 and a half months ago, and I've heard relatively nothing.
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    Well if you were a supervisor previously I could have sworn that you didnt have to go through the process again...Also how long ago was your last time as a sup?
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    Really if you believe they are playing games with your so-called promotion just to pull your chain and make you sweat, why in the world would you want to go back to that abuse? That full time management position will be a tough one for you, considering you did leave your previous part time assignment. Also the company is cutting back most full time promotions now, just look at the buy out of those supply chain guys. Over the last years in my area I have seen some good, smart full time managers and sups leave to green pastures after over 15 and 20 years service. Might want to start asking questions before you jump as to why they are leaving. And Yeah, I swear by my hourly STATUS, watch that attitude:cool:
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    That ended in October when all the supply chain solutions people floating around were finally placed, bought out, or voluntarily separated.
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    Bend over, here comes your promotion.
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    I never said I believed that is what they're doing. I just said that's what am afraid they would do.

    I'm not looking to become a full-time supervisor. I'm in this job for college, and after, I have no plans as of yet.

    No attitude implied. I simply meant that most of the posters on this board seem to be hourly, union employees, and proud of it.

    Griff, thanks for the advice. That's helpful.:rolleyes:

    MeanJ, its been roughly 2 years since I was a supervisor. Since then, I know the process has changed. Needless to say, I prefer the old way.