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    I went to a interview yesterday for part-time package. Their were about 20 people for the same position. The recruiter talked about the comapny and the benefits, and also explained it's a physical job. Then they did one on one interview and asked questions and we were done. She told me that they would contact me when a spot becomes avaliable. One of the other guys got a sheet and info for second interview. He applied for the 5pm -11pm shift and i appllied for 10pm-3am. iIm just wondering are they going to call me back or is just a nice way of saying thank you for coming in, but I did not qualify. If anyone has any info please let me know. thanks
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    It's like any interview you go to for any company.

    If they liked what they see, and an opening opens up. They'll call you.

    We can't answer that for you as we were not there.
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    Unless you are a serial rapist or told the interviewer to $#@# off, you'll proably get a call. UPS hires just about anyone that will show up for the operation positions.
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    ya not gonna lie, a serial rapist may even start to get in if they cant hire anyone else, granted my place doesnt have that problem because the job market here is so bad people will take anything they can get ahold of, even if its only 130/week.
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    haha. not laughing at job market but rapist