Part time seniority vs Full time??

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    Here is my question. I have 25+ years part time seniority, I am told that my seniority doesn't matter against full time seniority (art. 22). They can have just a year seniority and they get to bid their vacations & Personal days before me. Is it this way everywhere?
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    Yes. Partime seniority is only good for how many weeks you get of vacation. If a driver with 4 years fulltime seniority He or She will get to pick ahead of you. If there is a layoff they have the right to displace you!
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    wow! 8+ years here and only 5 posts!
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    Didn't know there was a quota to meet. LOL I only post if I have a topic or it is contract time and I am trying to find out details. Took me 20 minutes to get my password reset.
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    No. FTers tried to pull that one on me saying I had to pick my vacations last. Union BA said no. FT and PT are two separate classifications. FT picks with FT and PT picks with PT. Unless there are lay offs and than goes by company seniority regardless FT or PT. They did not like to hear that.
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    Ive got nearly 20 years part time.Once a laid off 5 year seniority company time full timer tried displacing me on my job and the center manager told me he could.Well a call to my business agent and the next day I was back to work with a free day of pay.So no, lay offs go by company seniority. A full time with less company time can not displace a part timer with more company time.Been there done that!
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    you should be bidding off 2 different lists. In are building drivers, Reload( night sort) preload(morning sort) Cover drivers, and 22.3 all bid on a list just for our section.

    The company messed up good when they changed to that. It's ended up, all 3 of are small sorters are all off the same week. 2 bid off the pt list and got it off, then they went ahead and let the other guy off on the cover driver list. I'm not saysing UPS works the same every where, or even the same way the next day at your center, but that's how it's done here.