Part time supervisor im being discriminated

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by partizan, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Hi, this my first post on here, since i need some advice and help.

    I know as a part time supervisor, i am not protected by the union. Bottom line is im a foreigner from eastern europe, who for the past year 5 years, had no opportunity for advancement. The UPS, hub where i work failed a big time safety ketter audit. All the upper management are in the hot seat, and they are looking for a scape goat in me. Last week i was accused that a shifter almost backed into me, and nearly hit me"? this information was brought up to me 5 hours later after i was ready to go home. I told them i do not recall this every happening and if were to be true, why was i not confronted immediately with that issue, but instead 5 hours later? I was forced to admit that such an incident did occur and i was forced to write, that any future safety violation, not only will it turn into termination, but that i will resign my position as a part time sup. ( in my sort, there plenty of white/black supervisor who keep failing CSA, and ESTA and who never have been threaten with their jobs, yet i am always 100% on all of my safety questions. I am under such pressure if i make any mistake i will be fired. Even making up accusation's against me which are not true. There many more issues i can relate of how discriminated i feel.

    Also Every day i hear from different part time supervisor, how their "full time supervisor's" are openly taking how i am in a black book and how do they are looking to get rid of me ASAP. I need help should i go first to EEOC? or go first file report to HR department, i feel if i don't take any action they will find reason to fire me . Any advice i highly appreciate
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    You are not the only one that feels harassed.This could be some shifter driver that reported this without talking with you first.
    It may or may not have happened,but the main point is,you were only warned,not fired.
    Be careful and the management team you work with will eventually change and you can go back to just doing your job.
    By the way,welcome to the browncafe partizan. There's a lot of opinionated people that post here,so when they do,please try to
    see things in a positive way.Some folks take things way too seriously in here.
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    There is clearly more to your story than you posted here.

    Unfortunately, you are in a position that has no options. You must do what they say and keep your mouth shut. If you go to an outside agency for assistance then you better clean up your resume for your next job.

    YOU ARE AN "AT WILL" employee.

    "AT WILL" means just that. At the company's descretion, they can discharge you for everything and anything. They do not need to have cause. There are no cardinal violations you have to violate to get walked out.

    If they dont like the way you dress, out the door. If they dont like your hair, out the door. If they dont like the way you speak, out the door. If they dont like your performance even if its 100%, out the door.

    Its that simple. You have no protection. The EEOC will tell you the same thing. This is the program you signed up for when you became a supervisor whether part time or full time.

    There is no help for you that you can recieve on this board, only sympathy. Your only option is to work hard, keep your mouth shut, say "YES SIR" over and over until you get off the company radar and they move onto another supervisor. If you are speaking out to other supervisors, then you need to ZIP IT.

    I would start by keeping your mouth shut.

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    I agree with the otherside, my name says it all, we always had parts of audits where some employees did not know answers to some of the questions and those areas we would fail the audit and my manager would say the type of Dumb things Fulltime CMs say, it is like a game they play, dont be like me and get caught up in it, or you will be blacklisted, what I tried to do was get the areas that the employees failed and during the PCM go over it with them and do this for as long as you can, because there will be a follow up audit, the ones giving the audits are just as bad as your cms, your CMS get bonuses the better your sort does the better they look the more pay they get, it is a proven fact and anyone on here who says I am wrong does not know UPS, like I said you will get reaudited and that is a fact, get your employees to learn the areas they need to improve on and you should be fine, dont believe the threats and gossip, the only way it will happen is if you fall prey to the game.

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    What kind of help are you looking for?

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    Integrity is back!:happy-very:
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    He never left my side.
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    Yeah, being on that radar makes everyday a battle to push through. When you're a supervisor, you are sometimes held accountable for things you had no knowledge or control over. You are expected to walk that line of integrity 100% of the time. You try your best. You push through. Sometimes a boss here or there or from anywhere doesn't like how you are doing business and you're in the hot seat. Same thing when I was a Kid in the Union. 3 years in and suddenly one month, every late, every mistake is being doced. Yet we press on. We all been on the radar.

    With that being said, any issue in regards to discrimination should be reported to the HR department. Talk to your manager/boss/someone above you you can trust. Do not let any form of discrimination hinder you and your ability to put in work. I know maybe it's easy for me to say as perhaps circumstances are different in your either case, as a supervisor, you must be a leader willing to confront any obstacle in your path to lead your employees/operation/job and more importantly, yourself.

    And then stay above board and press on with shoulders square and hope for a better tomorrow.
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    Great reply KidUPS, I agree, as a part time supervisor you should do what you can every day and press on, everyone had a difficult time at some point, but how you handle it can really define your character. Partizan, you aren't in the union, but losing your job is harder than you think, theres a long process to terminate a part time supervisor. Understand though, even if you feel you are trying your best, the tiniest thing, a character flaw, and attitude, something you said, may give off the impression that you don't care about your job, or naturally can't perform well. What I would do in your situation is set your full time supervisor aside, and ask, "why do I have a bad reputation", I am a full time supervisor myself and would love nothing more than to have a couple of my part time supervisors ask me that question. good luck.
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    upser1, rather than wait for them to come to you, why don't you broach the subject with them?
  12. welcome to UPS.
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    I would just quit without notice. Just leave on December during peak and let them worry about coverage. I am Former Brownster and I found a WAY better job. UPS threat tacticas are all over the nation because it's a GOOD OL BOY company.
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    You should jump over the fence,and become good old union boy.