Part time to full time.. how much counts?

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    I have around 20 full time drivers in my building... and everyone above me has there job date posted when they started driving.. but as soon as it gets to my name I have the date listed where I started working for the company as a preloader, and then in the next column over I have a date where I went into driving. No one above me has two different dates, and no one in mngt can give me a answer as to why I do and the people below me do as well?

    On the same note there is a driver that started as a preloader in 96' went into driving in 99' so he had 3 years of part time status... So they took half of his part time and added it to his full time hire date. So you would 'think' it would be 1.5 years back dated from your full time hire date... but ups 'does not recognize' the half year so they round it up to 2 years... So he started in jan 96' went full time in April '99 and they back his full time up 2 years from April 99' and put him down with a hire date of April 97'

    I started as a preloader in Aug 05' and became a full time driver in June 06'... But I have a hire date of June 06' So none of my time as a part timer counts but half of his then rounded up counts for his???

    Does anyone know what the actual time adjustment part time to full time rules are?
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    Never heard anything like that before. Our driver sonority list has two dates, PT date for number of vacations weeks, and FT date for bidding routes, picking vacations etc. Unless you were an off the street hire.
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    The first date is your PT Seniority date and the second date is your FT seniority date. This is important in case of lay-offs; a FT employee (depending on supplement) can displace any junior employee (PT are considered 'junior' even if they have an earlier seniority date) unless they have less total "company seniority" than the PT employee.

    The other employees have one date because they were likely hired off the street.
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    some of the top guys were hired off the street being preload did'nt exsist when they started... but the 8 or so above me that did work PT first, they dont have a hire date and a drive date they just have an adjusted hire date from what i'm told...

    My option days show up on my August check and my vacation shows up on my June check... but none of my preload time is counting for me. My vacation weeks are building off my June 2006 date... even though I started working at UPS in Aug 2005, vacation weeks build off the 2006... Is this normal or do i need to keep fighting the issue?
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    So my main question is this... should I be building vacation time from 2005 when I started working part time at UPS OR 2006 when i started driving full time?
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    ​Vacation is based on company seniority date.
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    well for the time being they are basing my vacation from when I started driving in 2006... so is that right? or should I be fighting to change it 2005?

    company seniority date is what happened to the driver above me, he started in 96... went full time in 99... so they 'made up' a company seniority date of 97???
  8. Here part time years have always been prorated when you go full time. I started as Pt in 3/91 and went ft in 94 and my company seniority date is 9/92. All my vacations populate on my company date and all optional days populate on my hire date in March.

    I'm not sure about your situation though. It could be since you didn't have a full PT year in yet before you went full time??? I would definitely talk to your shop steward or BA and find out.
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    To clarify, vacation time is based on company seniority---vacation selection is based on classification seniority.
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    Have never heard of pro rating PT years into FT years. Where does UPS do this?
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not in my franchise.
  12. Insincerity

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    I have only heard of this when determining years of service for pension.
    Company seniority date is used to determine weeks of vacation.
    The order in which vacations are selected varies greatly but usually by building and job-classification seniority.
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    You should just be lucky that you're FT and that it only took you a year to go FT. While I remain in my hub with 2 years seniority and roughly 9yrs more to go -_-