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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by bmc, Jan 24, 2003.

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    I'm new to this board. I was wondering if anyone could give me their $.02 on the differences between part-time work at UPS and FedEx...especially in the benefits area.

    I have a full time job but recently lost my insurance benefits, so I applied for part-time work at UPS and FedEx. (I used to work reload for UPS in college and loved it). I ended up getting a part-time driving job with FedEx Express...I start a week from Monday. I had given up on UPS but then they called today and I'm supposed to take a tour of the hub on Tuesday. I'm not sure if they'll give me a job, but if they offer it, I'm undecided on whether to take it or to stick with FedEx. I definately don't mind the hard work with UPS. The FedEx job starts at a few dollars more an hour, but I'm mainly concerned with benefits/job security/advancement/etc.

    Any input is GREATLY appreciated.

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    What I can tell you is only based on what I've heard from Couriers around my area. Based on that I'd tell you to keep the Fed Ex job. You'll make more money there and have good benefits doing that than working part-time in a UPS hub or center. The hours certainly would be better but you have to consider what hours are better for you if you plan on, or already are, attending school. The courier job is a part-time job but the ones around here sometimes, or more often than not, get much more than part-time hours. I guess I should tell you to work at UPS since I'm there but I would rather be honest and tell you that if you want a better paying job <u>NOW</u> and with benefits then take the courier job. It shoud be easier for you to decide based on that. Remember though....UPS drivers make ALLOT more money than Fed Ex Express drivers but you'll be waiting a very long time untill you can get that job at UPS. As far as the job security issue...Fed Ex doesnt even compare to UPS in that department. You could be laid off or fired at any time working for Fed Ex but I imagine if you just do your best and show up when you are supposed to then eventually it would be hard to fire the "Good Help". Lay offs are really the only concern for good workers at any job I guess. If I was offered that courier job here I'd take it now cause I've got about 3 or 4 more years left before I'll be driving but if I had like 1 or 2 then I'd jus stick with UPS. If you have allot of bills to pay then you'll probably need to get another job allong with UPS like I have but the Fed Ex courier job should be enough by itself. I can't tell you which company is better but based on the what I know so far I'd have to say a part-time Fed Ex courier job would be better than part-time hub job at UPS. Then there is always the personal preference issue of wanting to work for UPS or Fed Ex. This decision would be easy for me because I don't look at UPS and Fed Ex as competition when it comes to makin money. I'm going to do what is better for me and my situation and I think you should consider that too.
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    Thank you very much for the input. I was thinking about a lot of the points you mention.

    I guess I need to decide whether my long-term goal is full-time driving or not. Also, the UPS job is in one of the major centers in Atlanta, so I guess there'd be more opportunity for different jobs, part-time management, etc?
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    bmc: One thing that 480 mentioned that you should question is how long before you can go full-time at UPS? With the volume flat, the only driving positions opening up are when a driver retires. PT Sup may be a better paying alternative down the road with UPS if you are in college.

    Also, if you have a family, will the FedEx benefits cover your family as well? Do the UPS benefits cover family at that location? From your post, benefits sound like they may be an issue to you.

    As a 20+ year UPSer, I am not going to do anything but recommend this fine company. We are going to get our volume back from FedEx that we lost during last summer's contract negotiations, and if you work there, they may lay you off!

    Good luck!!
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    Benefits are my most important consideration. My situation is this... I'm 28, a married college graduate, no kids but hoping to start a family soon. I have a full time computer programming job from home with flexible hours(but no benefits).

    The FedEx job is from 8am-1pm Tuesday-Saturday. Something that I'm considering is that if I have to find a different full time job(I'll definately have to maintain some type of full-time job along with fedex/UPS), most are going to be 8-5pm and aren't going have have as flexible hours as what I have now. Working 6-10pm at UPS would still allow me to work 8-5 at another job....8am-1pm at fedex obviously wouldn't.

    I guess maybe a better question might be how hard is it to get part-time work with UPS? I didn't have much trouble getting the job during college, but I've always thought that I just got lucky and that it was fairly difficult to get on. I know our reload turnover rate used to be high, but I didn't know how many people were in line for jobs either... I'm just thinking that if I go ahead and start with FedEx now, maybe I could just apply again with UPS if I had to change full time jobs in the future. If part-time jobs at UPS are hard to come by, maybe I should snatch it up now. I apologize for the rambling. Your replies are extremely helpful...thank you very much for the input.
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    In getting the job in the first place, you have a major advantage or disadvantage. How did you quit? If you just let them know one day that you weren't coming anymore then you are fine. If they couldn't find you to figure out whether you were in the hospital or just weren't coming then you are in trouble. Having worked at UPS before, and had a good termination, like "I'm moving on to bigger and better things next week", puts you near the front of the line.
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    I left on great terms with UPS in college. I worked at 2 locations....'transferred' from one to the other because of a change in schools. Left the 2nd one(with plenty of advance notice) after I graduated college. Never had any trouble with any supervisors or co-workers.
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    You'll have no trouble getting in any UPS. Some are so desperate they'll rehire anybody just about.
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    Not at my hub. We have made great strides in employee retention. We are under 100% turnover!