part time years toward full time retirement


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Woah.....wait a minute.....

You have just stepped into it.....big. You should have retired 4 years ago at 48.....

You just are going to stay.....wait for it.....44 years! OMG!

You should are now in a select but small group....expect folks to ask about your much cash you have...what's the matter with you?....and for God's sake......don't admit to owning anything nice.....

And FFS.......don't talk about safety.
It is understandable that you feel the way that you do, but you should try to let it go. Won't matter much in fifty years.


Buckle that chinstrap…it’s go time!

Since you don't know would you know....exactly?

I've had/have a long and lucrative career. My retirement has been set/established for a long time and getting better through $100k (annually) reinforcement.....while living a lifestyle you could only dream about with jealousy/envy....


Buckle that chinstrap…it’s go time!
Central states/new IBT/UPS company plan. That's at normal retirement age(62) no reduction. I'm in local 509. Started at 18, driving at 23. That's with the current accrual rate of $175 month. It should go up in the new contract, so the pension should be higher as well.

I'm in feeders now, work 4 10's, about 10hrs OT a week. Three day weekend. It's a pretty easy run so I'll probably stay until 62, if anything changes or I decide to go earlier then maybe 57. Just turned 52.
You sure that there will be feeder driver jobs left in 10 years??? They are testing these Autonomous rigs in Texas now and supposedly FedEx wants these things up and running by themselves(in areas that can support it) in a couple years…definitely need some language on this stuff in the next negotiations…

quad decade guy

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Use the retirement calculator on
What if it doesn't worK?
Calculator didn’t recognize my username. I wouldn’t surprised if I wasn’t even in the system. I called HR about a year ago and the system showed me as a local sort part timer. Haven’t done that in a decade.
I did talk with someone at the 800 number...she transferred me to someone else....who never picked up or called back. Emails refer you to the "help" page...FAQ's...

So far, my only path for info. is to file my retirement papers. Which seems silly to me. Local sent me those papers....that's about it....Even if we had prior experience was of a couple folks who could care less about anything....especially employees.

When looking over seniority lists at my Feeder Dept.....I have multiple "seniority" dates. Since we go to the bottom at each classification change......I have a few. I'm concerned that these dates are not all tied together all the way back 40 years. I've changed Hubs a few times......part-time to full time and classifications....Automotive, Operations....etc.

Since we were all paper way back then......

I wouldn't be surprised either.