Part time years vs full time years

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    It is so hard to get an answer from anyone at UPS or from our union about how much out part time years really count towards our pension, or if it is a separate pension. I have about 11 part time years and 19 full time years in right now. When I go and use the pension calculator it only shows me what I will receive based on my full time years. It does show my start date with the company when I was part time but it does not calculate any of those part time years in. I would like to get out when I am 55 which is in about 6 more years, but I can't figure out exactly how much money I would be getting. Anyone have any info on this? thanks!!!
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    Depends where you are at. My part time pension,is through UPS. my full time pension,is from the teamsters. part time years count toward your years of service

    But not toward your full tikme penion.

    Hope that helps.
  3. ScottyG07

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    I'm in the Central Region. Probably a separate pension I'm guessing???
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    PT pension is through UPS...your FT pension is a teamster pension, correct?
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    I believe so, just hard to find info on part time pension.
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    30 years with the company and you have no idea?
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    Go to UPSers and search for retirement calculator, that will answer all your questions. UPS pays for years after Aug 2007, and PT years, union the years in between, but calculator will tell you the breakdown and amounts.
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    Unless you are 65 there is a 6% a year penalty for every year you are under 65 for PT pension. Unless you hit the 25, 30, or 35 years mark as PT.
  9. Xexys

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    You will receive two separate pension checks. Ask your Human Resources office to put in an Abstract for you to estimate how much each of your checks will be.
  10. ScottyG07

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    Thank you! Will do.