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    I predict that in our next contract that parttimers will not much of a raise.
    With the obama healthcare plan we mighy have to pay for our insurance!
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    Obamacare does not kick in until 2018---this will be the major issue in the contract to follow this one.
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    they have to raise it, many states have already passed starting rates at UPS and like here in FL, your so close to minimum wage now that there is no point to even work at UPS. When I started in Jax Hub in 97 they would hire 20 people on twilight sort every week and almost all would quit within 3 months because they could find easier work paying more when minumum wage was only 5.15 an hour here! I get that all the time, no point when I can go to X job and start at 12 or 13 an hour around here and thats full time.
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    All the self-righteous drivers around here would say....

    Tough Titties.