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    PAS is the big thing UPS is implementing throughout the country and just wondered how things were going at other UPS buildings.

    Our building took a long time for PAS to come through, they said it was going to come in 2005 and it didn't make it fully till fall of 2007. Supervision said that with PAS the preload will have to take 15-20mins more because of this new system. They were to slow down the belts and processing rates. They did do that. But now it seems like they have changed their minds, and in our buildings, the rates and speeds are up and the starting time is later but yet we have more volume. It doesn't make sense. Now we have more packages left behind, and more egress problems. Is anyone else having these problems?

    Also with this new PAS they moved all the older preloaders like thirty-forty year olds to SPA stations. For high seniority parttimers, like myself, Ive had 2 traumatic back injuries and I can't keep up and put everything in order. And Im having egress problems regularly. How do you combat people even coworkers that yell for you to turn on the belt? Its just im the only union member on the belt the rest are young guys who just want to get out of there and are yes sir where can i sign kind of guys. How is PAS at your facilities?
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    We have been on PAS/EDD for a couple of years now. Before PAS, our Preload used to go down by 8:00 AM. After PAS, it is usually wrapped by 8:30.

    As a Driver, I like PAS/EDD for the most part. I did work with the PAS/EDD Team that put it in and my route was changed back to where it is run the way it should be. I am an "Apex Driver", that means my route usually stays about the same.

    Unfortunately, it has led to more service failures in my opinion. PAS doesn't read some addresses correctly, so sometimes the PAL Label will have the wrong address on it. I have to scroll through my EDD list and pick out the addresses where the street number doesn't match up with the street name. And you also have the infamous "Bad Slap", where the wrong PAL Label is put on the package so the Preloader loads it on the wrong Package Car. Nowadays, the newer Preloaders just load by the PAL Label, they don't have the street name knowledge like they used to where they knew what street went on what route.
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    34 is old?!

    We have had PAS/EDD for several years and the success you have with it (as a driver) is relative to the amount of work that you put in to ensuring that your DOL is correct. When the team came to our center to implement the system, I made sure to sit down with them and take the time to make sure that it was set up as accurately as possible. It is not 100% but it is awfully close and I am able to anticipate the errors in the system (at least those on my pkg car).
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    Egress problems happen more than they did before... Shelves get blown out so you have to rearrange more. Forecasts are not right...

    They add an additional package car for you to load because with PAS you are supposed to be able zip in and out... Yeah but when you get hit with 10 paper boxes for one car and 3 (of 5) Bowflex for your other car... You might need to stack out OR miss a few packages...
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    Before PAS start time was 2:30 after PAS start time is 4:15...
    Before PAS maybe 900% after PAS 1650 to 1700%
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    Read below...
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    This subject seems to pop up every few months doesn't it? In our center PAS/EDD has worked out pretty well. It would be much better if the suggestions us drivers make for our DOL are taken seriously. In the beginning we had plenty of complaints about jacked up neighborhoods, dead end streets, and country routes. Alot of it was fixed but not all of it. Even after constant badgering by the drivers that run the areas the most. Our missloads have sky rocketed since we started PAS/EDD. Well, that's our center in a nutshell. Overall most of us like it.
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    IT SUCKS:surprised: