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    In the centers with PAS do you have a couple of drivers that only run misloads to the correct drivers? In our center management runs these stops to us. Some of us let our steward know and he files for the pay. Just wondering.:confused:1
  2. brownmonster

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    Supes, OMS and once in a while workers on TAW
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    Didn't you know that this is the new plan for sups now. They show up for work every morning in browns and their days consist only of shuttleing misload packages between drivers in our center. This way, the majority of PAS/EDD misloads-mislabeled, etc will get delivered and will make it appear that this system works when in reality, it has many flaws.
  4. brownmonster

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    It's a catch 22. At least the misloads are getting del. attempts and not sheeting as closed.
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    If our sups can't get to us and get the misloads from us , many times, they instruct us to sheet them, before 5pm, as closed(bus) or NI if res.
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    That is blatant falsification of records. Our last 3 center managers, including our current one, have always instructed us to sheet them as "missed" if no attempt was made. I once had a misload on my truck an hour away from the route I was running. I know many, many routes and I knew for a fact that this business was closed on Mondays. They still told me to sheet it as missed. Honesty will never get you fired -- "creative sheeting" of misloads will. If anything were to come of this down the road, it would be your word against the sup's as to whether you were working as instructed or falsifying records. Just something to think about.
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    Don't sheet it at all. Bring it in, hand it to the boss and have them sheet as they like.
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    "...they instruct us to sheet them, before 5pm, as closed(bus) or NI if res."

    Make sure you ask them, "Why are you instructing me to falsify a DIAD entry"? Let them know you will be speaking to the DM about this tomorrow.

    We can't let people get away with falsifying DIAD entries. Our integrity is all we have.
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    It runs rampant, believe me.
  10. over9five

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    Take a stand.
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    Believe me when I say, I know everything you all are saying. We have been on PAS/EDD for some 2 to 3 years. Missed packages were rampet in our centers in north texas for most of that time. Atlanta must have put the clamps down on these missed pks and has told local management to do whatever it takes to get the missed pk numbers down. This has just started probably in the last 6 months or so. As long as they can get away with it, they will probably continue.
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    Sheet the packages as "missed" the problem will never get corrected any other way. The preload needs to know they screwed up.
    If your management team is instructing you to do different - call the Business Conduct line.
    The only way to fix the missed is to work with the system or people that are creating the problem. And it can be done
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    Whenever I sheet a misload as missed I always put MISLOAD in the remark column. I figure that'll show up somewhere on a piece of paper in the office, just incase they try to pull some BS.
  14. I know this has been said over and over again but PAS will NEVER be perfect. There are too many outside factors affecting the package before it gets to the preloader. They count miss-slaps (PAL on wrong box) against us which should really go against the SPAers. In many people's opinion this company threw away IMMENSE amounts of money that could have been better used elsewhere. They are trying all kinds of things to get misloads far none have worked. No matter what they do this system will not work at the pace they are looking for. If the SPA people had more time, there would be no (or less at least) miss-slaps. Preloaders can't be babysitting everyone else's jobs, we don't have time. Hell even hold the slide people responsible for checking them too, I have worked the slide and have WATCHED people sort a box PALed to say Auburn when the shipping label clearly said MILFORD to the boxline and it most likely would have been loaded if I didn't make the person aware. It can't just be aimed at the preloader.

    If human error wasn't bad enough the computer system itself screws things up too (system flips) Example: Park Street PALed to Park Ave, the tracking numbers and zip (for us preloaders who used to know the zips and streets lol) may match however, it is NOT the same street (least in the city in question) resulting in a misload. Happens all the time.

    With all this simplifying we've actually take this job and made it more complicated. Not to mention created about 50 different types of unnecessary reports. Also it solved none of the problems preloaders had: over bulked trucks, adding and cutting splits off of trucks at the last minute, blown out stop counts, they ALL still happen daily. So aside from being easier to learn...what part of this is better than the old system? Because on top of all that we now have the misload problem as well which before PAS was nonexistent at my hub. Thats not to say there weren't misloads but nowhere near as many as there are now.

    I know preloaders are the last line of defense, but you expect us to do more now in the same amount of time AND want us to catch the mistakes....makes no sense. If UPS wants it done right then give us the time to do it right or shut up about it already because most of us are tired of giving you our best and then some only to hear that we sucked (or were least best). Its sad but many really take no pride in what they do nor care about the work either. The only reason we (the few that still do care somewhat) try to do a good job is so our drivers don't have to run misloads, we could care less about management's numbers.
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    Same thing in my building, I think there is more management wearing browns than drivers. They take the left in building pieces out to the drivers, I see absolutely no union people doing this...

  16. Make sure your sups put in timecards showing their mileage if they run misloads around. If they don't they'll be hiding a problem that needs to be identified so it can be corrected.

    I read ranting and raving on here all the time about misloads so it blows my mind when they're covered up. The first step in solving a problem is to realize that you have a problem. One problem with this company right now is that it's not ok to have a problem. You get killed as soon as you say that you have a problem so people are doing stupid things to cover them up. Since you can't have a problem you can't discuss it and implement a resolution. We're getting nowhere as a company on this misload issue. We have good service with this problem. Imagine the service we could give and the cost savings we'd see if we could get a handle on it.