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We have had PAS since October. Is there a time frame on when drivers can follow the 50% of their rtes. How is this process done. Rebid the center or bump lower drivers. Does a driver have to follow 50% if it exists or can he still bump rte of his choice?

Please give a thorough explanation about any aspects you can think of.


browned out

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I think there is a good chance I will be bumped. I would like to stay on my route. Any tips. Does a driver have to follow his 50 percent if it exists or can he bump anyone? How long after pas starts does the bumping begin?


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When the delivery area is split more than 50%, that driver will have his choice of the resulting routes. This is not considered a bid, so I GUESS anyone else affected cannot bump, and therefore is assigned.

Article 57 sect 2. (NE supplement) Check yours!
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