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    It will be our first peak with PAS, they implimented on Halloween night...of all nights...brought in 15 suits to ride with us, it was blind leading the blind for alot of us. Now that they have changed all of our routes and they expect us to be under an hr everyday..Our overall day for most of us has decreased. Iam losing about $200 a week and I was one of those that would occasionally work a couple of 9.5's a week. UPS has said that they are targeting a peak for us to only work 9 hrs a day and after peak, working only 8 - 8.5 a day. UPS brought in a manager from Washington State that does not want to be where he is now. He treats all hourly plus his mgt team like we are all idiots, even every remark from him is sarcastic, and he has already told us that we are the worse center in our district. We know he is there to make himself a name for himself and get the hell out! None too soon I might add and he will not be the first or the last. So, those of you who have yet to go to PAS, beware, your misloads and missed packages will increase, they will hound you on duplicate stops, they will hound you about being on trace, going a little easier on rural route traces.
    Just think about the money that UPS is saving as they cut hours and then for piling on the stops on those of us that used to run 85 stops a day to over 130 now, and its not even peak season. It is truly the worse moral in the 25 years that I've been around. I guess get thru peak and just hope things get better or santa runs over the new manager on his way home...LOL
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    I'll let you in on a little secret- He tells all his centers that they are the worst one in his district. It's just another game they play that they think will increase production. It's kind of like when they tell you that "the guy that fills in for you when you are on vacation ALWAYS does a BETTER job than you".:laugh:
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    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha- those guys with the ties............
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    My building went PAS live earlier this year and our building has two delivery centers. One center performs great everyday, the drivers all have great attitudes and they work closely with the PAS team to get their setup in a way that is beneficial to them and the center. They run twenty or so stops more on average now than before, everyone is happy. On the other hand the second center has no communication and a poor attitude from the manager to the temp drivers. Our wrong cars did go up and out- of -syncs were a problem for a while, but everyone got used to the system and now it is all a matter of training and positive reinforcement.
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    Why do I have a feeling you're being less than totaly honest here. The first part of your post sounds like what UPS was planning to happen. The second part of your post sounds like what REALLY happens with PAS. Is that you MIke Eskew?
  6. we've been on it since august...misloads are plentiful, out of sync packages are numerous and the bull:censored2: explaining how this system is better than the old is relentless. We get handshakes when we have no misloads....funny it seemed like we did that all the time the old way. We'd get handhakes if the whole line had no misloads which is next to impossible to pull off under PAS. There is too much room for outside error whether its out of syncs or "system flips". So thats two problems it many has it solved?
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    What building are you in? Do you know if Watertown is on PAS?
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    We have been on PAS for about 2 years know. Still have alot of missroutes and bad pal labels. My route has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd ave and there are about 5 of these in the same zip so the wrong pal label is always being put on packages. ( These streets are east, west, south, north, southwest, southeast and so on) We still have one sup that all he does is get missroutes. The Malls and the Airport in my center all come down as one address.I do say I like it now at peak this is when PAS does work and if you have a good dispatcher. Ours is great.
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    Full Of It
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    south fla has had EDD for over 3 yrs now. we are still having a misload problem to this day. preloaders that have no mslds for 1 week get bikes, dvd players, mp3 players etc. (dont think they have given any out yet) this system dumbs down the preload, and with out the pal label they are all lost. with this system they can also run may more "reports" on drivers, doing work other then dispatched, not scanning a pkg, etc.

    they also told us the edd takes away 6 sec per package but in our center, which before edd was a .10 under center became a 100 plus over center, so it is far more then 6 sec they take away. if you were a bonus driver pre-edd you will be a over allowed driver after edd. they have re time studied most of the center and thank god most routes are fattening up btw 1 to 1.5 hrs

    unfortunatley edd is here to stay so get used to misloads ever worsening load quality and more managment insite to what you do on the road. the promises of smaller plan days are a myth, so dont worry about losing too much money. I just hope that with time many of these bugs are worked out, but not holding my breath.

    oh yeah, just wait till your center loses power or the dispatch computers go down, the entire preload is usless, the have no idea where anything goes with out that little label.

    good luck
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    It seems to me that PAS/EDD causes more problems than it fixes. The good thing about it is you get a more accurate stop count and one key scanning is nice. But it seems to me the wrong PAS labels and wrong street names on other labels causing misses, not to mention extra employees and technology, is a pretty big price to pay. I have got so much more overtime ever since we went on it.:ohmy:
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    EDD/PAS is fine as long as you completely ignore your sup and manager when they start crying about numbers. The whole under/scratch/over nonsense is complete crap and is totally meaningless. Time studies are so flawed it's almost comical, anyone who says otherwise isn't a driver.

    EDD/PAS is just another step on the stairs of meaningless paper numbers UPS seems to be obsessed with.
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    Me too! I guess this was their plan!
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    we have had pass for 2 1/2 years. The area that I drive in has 10 cars and has been at the bottom of production in the district. we got a new on-road about 3 months ago and he was adamant that we were all messing around. we told him that pass messed up the whole delivery area and that we, the drivers needed to change everything. he reluctantly let us change everything. we are now #1 in production and the on-road sup. looks like a rock-star.
  15. Implementing PAS is one of the hardedst things I have ever gone through. I am permanently scarred by the experience. That is how I picked my handle - BrownBlackandBlue. But after 2 1/2 years, I think it is great now that we have the bugs worked out. We stopped moving the business around and began to drop baselines out away from the center instead of pushing all the routes out and screwing up all the delivery times for our customers. Our customer complaints are no longer PAS related. It took a while to learn how the new game was played, but we are players now and everyone is much happier. Training/replacing preloaders is far easier and running any route level we are asked to is much easier. The Package Dispatch Sup is the key. If they are weak, the whole center will struggle and everyone will be blamed for things that really relate back to the dispatch. (Miles, over allowed, upset customers, pm dispatching, missed business, inconsistat delivery times, etc.). I would not want to run a preload in a non-PAS center anymore.
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    Letting the computer map the loops upside down with the no left turn BS was the biggist failure. Starting loops in resi sections and having industrial parks and malls on the PM side. We were running 500 plus more miles in our center after implementing PAS. Finally gave up and told us to put the routes back the way they were. Really a customer freindly system in the face of stiff competition. How do people that dream this crap up keep their jobs?
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    That is another issue that Ive been time studies next year..also..that "new" ctr manager wants us to go "bonus"..I know it will be voted down in a heartbeat..They have managers and parttime drivers running all over the district trying to not have those "missed" packages..I agree it takes the time and guess work out of setting up your car, I do know you can fudge the system as well..What I have not seen is that the center can actually in "realtime" see where you are at with the GPS, if there is any? I had one sup who rode with me when training with PAS that they cannot see where you are at? You trustful those management people are!! Any info on this? I cannot even see how they can do anything about over alloweds with this new system, there is no current time study..Ha...I guess a 3 day harassent ride is about they can do for now..HA..
  18. perhaps it really is the Paycheck Assist System?
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    I have been here in Lakeland, FL for just over 2 years and this is the only way I know... Tuesday I think we had 18 missloads and Wednesday 9 for our center...

    What it does is allow me to load ANY package car in the building as well as any package car in your center... Now it is up to the people who plan the route to make sure the sequence numbers are correct...

    What you say about a power outtage is correct... We had an electrical fire a couple months back... We couldn't load anything for two hours so we did porter work, swept out package cars and cleaned windshields.

    With the computers down, one of the driver supes came in and told everyone to pull their work without labels and IT COULD NOT BE DONE... No one knew the routes so the driver supe state writing truck numbers on the packages BUT no one knew where to place the packages with the exception of a few BULK stops like Wal Mart, Home Depot and Harley Davidson...

    Finally the drivers were called in early and they strolled in between 6 and 7, they started loading trucks... Preloaders started doing re-runs and unloading... Drivers got out around 10 or so which is not bad considering we were down about 3 hours...
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    IF you follow the route they should know where you are +/- 20 minutes... With the new diad they can tell using the GPS within 20 feet where you are... HOWEVER... UPS has yet to get the software for the GPS tracking...