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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by russellkw, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. russellkw

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    I got a call from UPS Freight asking me if I was still interested in a driver position after I applied several times on the website. She asked if I had a Hazmat. I said no but was fixing to get one. She told me to get my Hazmat endorsement and call her back. I have a few questions about being a Full time city driver for UPS Freight. I want to know what the pay is starting out and what the benefits are. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

  2. OldUPSDriver

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    When you call her back, ask her what you wish to know.
  3. Guaranteed 8

    Guaranteed 8 Brothers first!

    Starting pay- Dock-14.63

    Seniority- 45 working days-Dock-15.63

    12 months-dock-16.72

    24 months-dock-18.81

    36 months-dock-top day 7-1-11-23.80
    Plus-.85 cents in 2012 and .90 cents in 2013
  4. russellkw

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    How much do they pay on the mile this year? How many miles does a full time city driver generally drive a week? Just a guess. I just like to figure out what kind of pay I can expect.
  5. bobs barricade tester

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    Does it matter what you start out at, we are the highest paid LTL company out there with some if not the best benefits.
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    Yes, it does matter what I start out at. I didn't know UPS Freight was the highest paid LTL. Honestly, $15 an hour doesn't sound like as much as I thought they paid. I had heard from others they paid more but I guess they gave me incorrect information. I just like to be prepared, so I wanted to know what the starting pay was. My wife and I are hoping to buy a house within the next year and I want to know what kind of loan I can afford if I get this job. I very much want to work with UPS because I know they have some great benefits, although I wasn't sure if UPS Freight had the same benefits that UPS has. I've heard UPS is a great company to work for, and though I would've preferred to be a package delivery driver, I am more than happy to be a driver for UPS Freight. If I get this job I plan on sticking with this company until retirement.
  7. Guaranteed 8

    Guaranteed 8 Brothers first!

    If you are in it for the long run, then don't buy the house just yet. It will take you at least 3 years to establish a permanent spot, free from the fear of layoffs.:peaceful:
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    Thanks for the advice. That's good to keep in mind.
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    I beg to disagree!!! 3+years to get to top pay. Meanwhile you work for slave wages? If you are independently wealthy I guess you can wait 3+ years to make a decent wage. Not me!
  10. PADriver5

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    DONT DO IT!!!! I had the same philosophy as you! I was wrong. I though UPS Freight was an elite job to get. Not so. Just like any other trucking job. Peanuts for pay for the first 3 years and constantly looking over your shoulder worried about someone taking your job. Not to mention putting up with union *********s. I had a question the other day and approached someone. He looked at me and said I can't talk to you about work cause I am off the clock. You gotta be kidding me!!!! I asked him a question that would have taken him 2 seconds to answer. This environment is NOT for me!!!!

    Also get used to walking around like a zombie after working the graveyard shift for the rest of your life.
  11. City Driver

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    7-1-2013 pay will be 26.10 an hour

    if you get hired now you will be done with the 3 year progression before that

    but go ahead and turn it down, thats fine, its not like theres millions of people out of work begging for $12 an hour jobs right now or anything
  12. PADriver5

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    Not a problem for me finding a GOOD paying job with a driving record of 1.5 million safe miles. I can call 10 companies tomorrow that would hire me in a second...all paying more than UPS Freight. All of them have a 401k than they match a percentage of also. What does brown have to offer?