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    I was leaving the hub the other night after the sort and stopped to look at some driver s/injuries posted. There were the usual tree limb on mirror run ins and the "aim high in steering" solution but get this, driver stung by insect and was told to be aware of surroundings to avoid in future! Talk about can't win! Just further proof there are no accidents at UPS only preventable occurences.
  2. my supervisor got his lip busted open the other day by a falling box required 4 stitches
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    They'll blame it on an hourly.
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    Should have kept his eyes ahead of his work!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha
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    Do as I say not as I do AGAIN

    See the whole picture
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    leave yourself an out!!!
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    Hey I was bit by a non threatening dog last year and was told it was my fault!!! The dog attacked me from behind with no warning. The damm thing was wagging his tail at me just seconds before the attack! Still my fault according to the stupidvisors! What a bunch of morons!
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    Should have kept his mouth out of it.
  9. :lol: wasnt even in his own work area either
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    In the Uk three vehicle accidents ,if deemed to be your fault , in 12 months and your out. Is this a policy brought over from the US?
    I remember a driver so convinced that he was not at fault for an accident the boss gave him the chance at the next safety meeting to allow his peers in attendance to be the judge. convinced that his peers would back him he agreed.we all sat ready to listen and to prevent the gross injustice of a warning being issued given we were fully aware that our colleague had been hit in the rear by a speeding third party.His story began
    "Whilst looking for an address I spotted it, next thing I knew this guy had slammed me in the rear, he must have been doing well over 40 when he hit me, and for this I get a written warning" at this point the boss steps in and asks what did you do when you saw the address. Our driver replies " I hit the breaks and threw her into reverse" I swear we could hardly keep our faces straight.
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    probably a waste of time but the story of the driver backing up does make a point.

    Were you assigned fault or were you told the injury was avoidable? if so how do they feel you could avoid this particular injury in the future?
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    Were you assigned fault or were you told the accident was avoidable? if so how do you feel you could avoid a similar accident in the future?
    same M/O
    Didn`t want to change your words Tie.I`ve learned thats a no no.
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    DS I didn't understand your point? The reason I used the they word is I'm trying to see what they thought he could have done differently to avoid this injury.