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    Job title-temp cover driver working "6" reports last week. I Cover drove mon,tues,wed, was paid tcd holiday pay for thurs,fri. Also dbl time cover pay for fri. Now here comes the hard part....I'm also an air driver who dbl shifted on sat for a total for 7.75 hrs. I was pd strait time air rate sat. Does this qualify as a sixth report? My southern region local art. 58 sec.1 states any employee working a 6th is 1.5xrate. I believe I shoulda got 1.5x cover rate not straight air rate. Thks sry so long...
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    Good question. Your 6th report was in a different classification (air driver) which may be why you were paid straight time for those hours. There is a member here (Kae3106) who works in payroll----if anyone can answer your question it would be him.
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    The 2nd classification will prevent time and a half for the 6th report. I worked the preload for 5 years, M-F and drove air on Saturdays. Never got OT on Saturday, unless I worked more than 5 hours.
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    Right, Art. 40 air drivers do not receive OT on Saturday unless you work over 40 hours Mon. thru Fri. Our OT on Saturday starts after 8 hours not 5.
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    I had problems on my check last week and got a different answer from every steward. I'm in the Southern region and I'm a TCD. I worked M-W as TCD Thanksgiving week. I received driver holiday rate for Thurs. and Fri. I also drove Friday but was only paid straight air rate not even time and a half. I thought it should be double time, but at least time and a half. Nope! Was given straight air rate. Anyone from Southern Region know the real rate?