Pay increase from Preloader to PT SUP

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  1. Im sure this has been answered many time but no one can answer me this it a company set rate? A certain % increase? Or what ever district decides?

    I have been here for 5 years and make about $15/h
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    It's salaried at about $15 an hour. Stay part time. You'll be making more than most of your pt sups in 12 months.
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    Are you considering going into supervision? Based on the drama you've previously described (e.g. the petition to remove your supervisor), I doubt you'd be considered.

    It's based upon your current PT rate. PTers working for the company for less than one year will see a significantly larger pay hike than those with the company for ten years. We had a PTer move into supervisor after ten years, and he was banking $30K/year base because of his $20+/hour pay rate. Meanwhile, we had some career PT-waiting-for-FT sups who'd been there longer making significantly less than him. It caused a lot of bitter feelings. Reality is that your pay is nobody's business, and you shouldn't share it.
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    Your whole fight at ups has been to keep sups from working. After 5 years why would u even consider it.
  5. FT sup in on disibility now for atleast 6mon maybe longer out prreload SUP walked out on us and our OMS is about on her way out...i get along great with our new FT and im good friends with dispatch so we want to take this place over

    Iv always wanted to go into managment just not working for the tyrant...almost finsihed with school dont want it to be in vein :/
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    I have a 4 year degree and I still sling cardboard for a living. No shame in that.

    You would be taking a pay cut going into management in the long run. The last two raises you received were $0.475 each. Your PT sup received about one 2-3% raise - which, at your rate of pay, is about $0.30. And let's not even discuss health & welfare or pension contributions..

    You've got 5 years in and sound like you want to stay. My advice? Don't do it.
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    1 dollar and your soul
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    I know getting management wings and a free lobotomy are tempting, but I think you are better off staying union after 5 yrs. We get to forget our jobs till the next day, management is married to the place.
  9. In a similar event...i moved from NJ when i got here another transfer just got promoted after moving in from las vegas same thing experience/degree about 5-6 years of union...after a year or so as OMS he got transfered to the next town over as a FT makin 68K i know drivers make more but i dont EVER want to be a driver but i dont want to preload for the next 25 years and i dont want to start over at new firm at the bottom and leave UPS

    Our center is the laughing stock of the district esp after this witch pullin all this crap...i didnt start the petition a driver did but she probally is not coming back from what im told and now our preload SUP lookin at OMS when it is available and they want me to take it...i jsut need 18-19 an hour at 25h/week to make it worth it for me
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    If it's what you want, you have nothing to lose by trying. However, if I were you I'd fully expect that the FT supervisor you've had difficulty getting along with will be consulted regarding any promotional opportunity, and based on what you've relayed to us previously, I wouldn't expect a peachy recommendation. But who knows -- maybe she actually likes you, or maybe the persons you get along with will get to make the decision on their own. Good luck.


    It can go both ways as far as the job goes, it is not a stress free job and you are in reality a pawn in the FT world at ups, if you can handle the constant change in leadership and the up and down commitment by your employees than I say go for it, it will help you in the long run as far as when you leave the pt field, the other side is that the advice to not do it because you will be making more eventually is true and if you plan on becoming a Full time driver than I would stay Hrly because once you cross to the other side it will be difficult to break away and go in to Driving.
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    If you can be like this, you'll be fine...

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    The only problem with the OP's post is, they may get the job and area initially, but how long is that going to last?

    "flying a cargo plane full of dog s*** outta Hong Kong" sound familiar? ;)

    Also, even if this Utopian supervision fantasy did work out AND you stuck around in the area you wanted, the rotation of other mgmt will make your head spin and you'll be working for a new tyrant in no-time.
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    Off topic but the actor who spoke this line, James Tolkan, lives in Lake Placid, NY.
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    You'll get 4$ dollars more an hour, work less and yet not ( as you believe ), and be on the front of being fired in a moments notice. You will be yelled at all times for things out of your hands and given the worst treatment of your life. As PT, you're pretty much free from being fried. As a stupervisor, you will be up for next week elimination each and every week.

    If you're in school, its a good move. More money and a chance to learn how leadership works. You might not be here long enough anyways, so why not. The money is good, you put up with asshats at times, this is a choice you make and its all yours. Think twice and three times before its right. Most PT soups I've talked to have regretted the choice.
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    4$ dollars????