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    Ok I drive at center A making top scale pay, but I want to drive at another center because of better areas In another town. Now lets say I did that, do I keep my same top pay scale?
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    In most places UPS doesn't allow transfer unless your PT and are going to school.

    Is the other center part of your seniority list ??? In my area there are 3 different building all cover under one seniority list so during bid time you can move to what ever building you want if you have enough seniority and want to.

    If you can't transfer in your area and the other building isn't part of your seniority list. The only way to move there would be to quit and then get rehired as a PTimer and start all over at the bottom. If you got hired at the other building you would keep your company seniority toward retirement but for everything else you would be at the bottom of the list.
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    I am wondering if the other center is in his Hub, in which case the transfer would be simple, and he would maintain any seniority and pay rate that he is currently at
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    Most drivers are stuck within their Local Teamsters Union's jurisdiction. The Western Supplement allows driver transfers between all the covered Western states though.
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    no let me explain, i drive out of center "a" (i don't want to actually say the name because i hear ups monitors these forums). ok lets say i am making top pay, and i am a full time driver by the way. Ok their is another package car center, "b" in another part of illinois, another town actually just a few miles away from center "a". Ok i am thinking, man center "b" has some nice areas and i want to transfer package car center "a" and go lets say 30 minutes drive to center "b" across town. Now all i did was transfer to another package car center across town if that center has a position open, do i keep my same top pay scale?
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    You need to read your local rider to see if you can transfer if you can then when and if you do you keep your same pay.

    If your in local 804 here it is.
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    Most of the time you cannot transfer at UPS unless you have been laid off for a week or more, in which case you would dovetail into the seniority list where you transfered to.
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    We still need to know if both Centers are within the same Local Union's jurisdiction. If they are, you bid into the job at the other Center and keep your Top Rate. If you are literally transferring from say, Local 705 to Local 710, then you probably can't transfer without loosing you Top Rate and Seniority too. You really have to read your Local Union's Contract to be sure.
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    ^what he said. I work in a HUB that has two centers covering 3 counties. I used to drive for center A but a few years ago I switched to center B. But as Jon said we are in the same Local. I could NOT however transfer to center C in a different HUB which is only a 30 minute drive across town.

    Your best bet is to check with your particular Local and see what they can find for you.