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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 1989NW, May 5, 2019.

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    This is true, but I seem to remember I believe in the south (could be wrong) that their language says they can not drop below it even in progression. I'm not saying you guys are wrong but we all know language changes drastically through out the country. If he can tell us his supplement/rider we could give him a better answer.
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    Holy S* I was actually right it was the southern! Can't believe my drunk ass remembered this correctly. :)

    Thank you for posting this language.
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    I still think they should make the language easier to understand.
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    Where is tcd rate that low?
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    Some locals have a 75% TCD rate. That would line up with what he's making
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    I was was a cover driver also and I kept getting cover pay raises until my progression was up.
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    So you are saying that i will not receive any retro pay but on my 3rd year of FT driving i will go up to $28.75 an hr? Also even though i started as a TCD after my 4th year my pay will go up to the $41 an hr because i am now a FT driver correct?
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    Gotcha I was under the impression tcds made at least 30 an hour.
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    We have guys who were what we call RTD, which I assume is the same as TCD - part time workers who drive from June through January for vacation and peak coverage - who went full time, one year or less into progression and got a $3 raise on their checks tomorrow. Went from $24.22 to 27.14
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    that crazy i went fulltime december 22,2015 and was red circled at around 28-29 bucks now im at 31.47 and will reach my top rate this year am i missing something or did i just a few dollars over the yrs.... def. not mad