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    hello all new member here and since i cant get answers at work ill ask some questions here..i was lucky to start out i was hired has seasonal on the midnight shift..but with the lack of people staying on midnights they made me full time/part timer from the date i hired in ..oct a loader and the job is not that bad i was use to fast pace work anyway..i had worked at a car plant on the line for 8 yrs..anyway how does the pay rate work..

    start out at 8.50 and go to 9.50 after 90 days then what, do u get 2 raises a yr and how much ..out side of sorting to get the extra 1.00 what other jobs will get u a also wondering just how many jobs are there .i know u got the sort,load,unload,heavy,small sort,what about mechanics do they hire for within on that and just how much do u have to know to get the job,also what about fueling them and driving them on the long does that take if anybody knows.what about cover drivers ..i was told the other day about 5 yrs on this..any info would help...i went to hr before work but they were to busy with new hires,also called there phone number and the number wouldnt to a part time sup who trains people and he didnt know and was suppose to bring me a sort paper and i avnt seen him since..thanks..i work at a tennessee hub
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    To my understanding you're still seasonal because you were hired in October. If they keep you, you will be fired and rehired after peak.

    To answer your pay question sorters are usually paid a dollar more and "skilled" positions are paid a dollar more as well. My center has no skilled positions aside from loading package cars and sorting, yours may differ. You get a 50 cent raise after 90 days and 50 cents after a year, 50 cents yearly after that. You will also get cost of living raises twice per year because they separate the yearly COLA into 2 raises, February and August.

    Can't tell you anything on driving, it completely depends on your location. In my building it WAS about 3-4 years for TCD and less for driving Saturdays, we have a driver hiring freeze going now though.
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    much of this is incorrect.

    Show me the last COLA we had? COLA is different than wage increases. Cost of Living Adjustment is not tied to garaunteed wage increases.

    Anyone hired BEFORE AUG 1 2008 Recieves $.35 every Aug 1 and Feb 1st.

    The wages are as follows if hired AFTER Aug 1 2008 and made seniority:

    90 days - $9.00/hr
    1 year - $9.50/hr
    2 year - $10/hr
    3 year - $11/hr
    4 year - $11.87
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    THANKS ..i thought we got a dollar after 90 days..i was hired has a seaonal worker for the midnight shift but with the lack of workers staying on midnights we were told we are permanent now if we wanted it..our sentority started from the date of my hire oct 27 08.// i guess we was lucky in a way sucks for my buddy who started in sept has seaonal has a month and a half more then me but he just got rehired and has to start all over because he"s on the morning shift..
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    Sleet we received a cola raise 2 or 3 years ago for 12 cents an hour.
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    You can also get bonus money if you know how to sort and/or load. If you follow the above chart ^^ and know how to sort and load you can make $11.85 before 3 years.