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    i recently made 30 days as a cover driver on sep 28 and on my 30th day I signed the pt to ft pool bid which was posted sep 18 and taken down on sep 28. Well I won the bid and was crossed over but the cover driving rate didn’t stick instead I’m at $18.75. From what I’ve been told by another driver the reason I may not have gotten the cover driving rate at $30.77 is because my new ft seniority date has to be 2 weeks before the day the bid was taken down which is sep 17. Does any one know if this is true? I always hear as long as you make your 30 days as a cover driver before your called by hr your good I never knew anything about the technicalities.
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    Your a 22.4 now. Congrats
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    Oh snaps
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    Never heard of that. As long as you are qualified you should fit into the RPCD rate which is the $30.77. Had a driver qualify and 2 days later went full time at RPCD rate.