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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by big_arrow_up, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Anyone notice where it says "Guarantee" on our pay stubs now? I shouldn't see it since it's extremely rare that I clock out before the eighth hour but I've been getting an hour, or more, of it each pay check since since we started the new year. I will have to confront someone about this issue. Also....Am I correct in assuming that the "guarantee" time doesn't count towards the 1801 hours required to receive retirement credit for the year? If not then this could be a problem for those drivers that are "awesome" enough to be able to finish up and be off the clock every day by 5pm. Especially the ones that clock out at 4:00.
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    at our center all the drivers are garenteed 8 hrs and make them go back out to assist other drivers if they finish up early until they complete 8 hrs work for the day. not to sure about the retirement question (which is a great question)!
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    I heard something about this and how it applies to the drivers that finish early. Something about it going against their retirement. I say their, but should say ours, as I usually finish 15 minutes early. Start at 8:45, done at 1730, usually. Wish they would start us earlier, by say, 15 minutes?:wink2:
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    I don't remember the last time I was done at 17:30. It's usually 19:00 for me.
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    Check your regional Contract Supplement or retirement plan document to see how hours are credited toward retirement. In New England (Article 69) all hours for which pay is due or received count, including vacations, sick days, holidays, personal days, and overtime. So unworked "guarantee" hours should count just like any other paid hours.

    We also get up to four weeks contributions if injured off the job, or sick; and up to one year if injured on the job.

    However there is a 40 hour per week maximum, so while all hours count, once you hit 40 hours, you can't earn any more pension credit for that week. H&W hours are credited the same way.
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    oooh,,, I like that language... we dont have that in the Atlantic Supplement