Paycheck adjustment - not gonna happen!

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    I will try to make this short. If more info is needed - ask and I will post.

    I work preload and drive air. The week in question, I also cover drove a small route for 2 days.

    DAY 1 - I was asked to come in on preload and then run a small route. In return I was old by mgmt that he would adjust my time so I got cover pay for the whole day. I worked preload then drove. Total worked time that day was 13hr 55mins. They wanted to make sure I didn't get too close to 14hrs for DOT regulations.

    DAY 2 - Was asked to cover for our 2nd air shuttle guy. On the way to the airport mgmt called me and wanted me to return to the building. They were short on help and would have to scrap the 2nd shuttle I was driving. I logged 1 hr 10 minutes on road. When I returned I was told "work preload and I will have a small route for you to drive. In return I will make sure you get paid cover driver for all day". I agreed and put in 13hr 55mins that day.

    I have an app (for that) that I log in all my time. I was shorted BIG TIME for that week. I approached one of our union reps about it. I asked if I needed to file on it and they said "No. As long as you make them aware of the mistake, we don't need to file". So, I did as told. I immediately went in the office and copied the times directly from my records. Management agreed I was shorted and turned in the adjustment.

    Two paychecks have come and I have no adjustment. Just a quick estimate would bring the shortage around $200 or so (because of OT). Today I asked about it AGAIN and was told by management that "Payroll won't allow the adjustment. One reason is because all the work was not on a DIAD. I could have made the adjustment last year but payroll won't let me do it this year. Sorry". And that was that! My Union steward brought it to their attention last week. Today he told me that it was too late to file on it but he would be talking to the Union (big guy) about it and would get back to me. He also said that since I agreed to something outside of the contract that there isn't much they can do.

    HELP! Where do I stand? What do I do next? Our steward is really good and has helped me whenever I have needed it. If it was a $20-30 mistake I would use it as an example and learn from it. With it being so much - I can't afford to not fight this thing. Thank you for your time reading and I hope I can find some solutions that will help.
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    You should get paid the higher rate for the whole day on each day. Your getting screwed. Management is counting on you doing nothing like they always do. See a steward on monday morning and file a greivance.
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    We had some pay adjustment issues with a center in my hub. Security and HR investigated and it resulted in the termination of a business manager, and on-road sups losing MIP and half month bonus.

    Fudging numbers is a major sin at UPS. I would escalate your complaint to HR.
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    Why is your steward telling you it is too late to file a grievance? You, your steward, and management were trying to get the matter resolved, and apparently were all on the same page until Payroll said "No". Waiting for Payroll to act does not mean the clock ran out on your right to file. The waiting is part of the process.

    Does your Supplement have a clause like mine does that says if you work in a higher pay category for any part of the day, you get the higher pay all day long?

    Why is Payroll refusing to make a pay adjustment? I don't think it's their roll to evaluate the request. Their job is to issue the paycheck based on the information your local management provides. Maybe management needs to submit the details in another form. Or maybe they will have to settle this on the local level by giving you the equivalent in gas cards.

    What has the DIAD got to do with making a payroll adjustment? Some of us use a DIAD, some of us don't. Yet we all get paid.
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    Contact your business agent directly if your steward is stalling, there is a time limit on these but you were acting in good faith with management that the issue was being resolved and if you started the process immediately and followed up promptly you are probably within the time limit. In my area you would have to go straight into driving from preload with no lunch right between the two functions to get one higher pay rate for the whole day.
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    If you are not getting the help you need with your concern the employee concern 1-800# will get you the appropriate help. If I were in this situation I would inform those involved that if I can't get the help I need then I will be seeking help by calling this in.
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    File the grievance on Monday and be sure to state that you are also grieving for any penalty pay that you may be due as a result of the delay.