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    I noticed something weird on my paystub today, and I think there was an error in OVER-payment.


    I drove 4 days last week, which would be 32hrs regular, plus my 3.64 overtime. I also drove saturday air, which was roughly 3.5hrs which is included included in the regular hours. This is usually under my air rate at a lower pay grade. Now there is that guarantee line. I have no clue what that is. The hours listed don't go into the total hours worked, but the pay is added into my total paycheck.

    I have no interest in starting :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: over $95. Should I call up HR and inform them, or just wait for them to discover it and let them take it out of future paychecks? Also, any clue what that Guarantee line could possibly mean?
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    What is you job title?? Are you a FT cover driver or a PT cover driver that works on the inside and cover when needed. I would suspect your a FT cover DR. Either way you should never get paid Air Driver Rate whether or not your delivering Sat Air you not a Air driver you a regular driver be it PR or Ft cover. You got paid guaranteed pay because your a cover Driver that is guaranteed 8 hrs a day. On your 5th day you only work 3.5 hrs that's not your fault you guaranteed 8 hrs any day that you drive...
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    As far as I know my title is 'reg temp', which is still part time; though i've been working pretty much full time since last May. I've been paid air rate for Saturdays since I started driving, and at least 2 other saturday drivers that I know in my center get their air rate for saturdays.
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    You should never get Air Rate it's less that your Progression driver pay. If you where a PT air driver that you would get Air rate. Your not a PT Air Driver so you should get paid Regular driver rate according to you progression status...

    Did you Drive PT Air before you became a Cover Driver ??? I would bet that when you got paid Air Rate before it was higher that the $16.10 that you started driving at. Now that you made seniority your progression driver pay is higher.
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    What do you do when you are not driving?

    Sounds like you are pt exception air driver being used to cover. It also sounds like your timecard was coded for gaurantee pay on Saturday, so you got ground pay and 4.5 hours of gaurantee for that day. I would put the extra cash in an interest bearing account and wait for UPS to ask for it back.

    Then I would ask a steward about your actual designation, but make it a seperate conversation.

    If it bothers you, bring it up to your supervisor and a steward as one conversation and get your status clarified. I have seen employees overpaid, usually by very small amounts, many many times. Only had one employee I can recall ever bring it up to get corrected.
  6. Buck Fifty

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    Means you got paid for not working. Although it may seem to be a great plan, its should not be part of your game.You should strive to not have any guaranteed time on your check. Company uses it as a tool to cut routes.
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    He is not an PT Air driver he is a regular Temp Cover.