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    I want to know why supervisors are in direct control of my paychecks? Why they are in direct control of my hours of work? I ask this question because recently I was forced to write a grievance on a supervisor for dropping my payrate when I was paid out for vacation. I was dropped a dollar just for my vacation and option days as well as missing overtime. Supervisor said it was because I asked him too. Now I'm forced to write another grievance because a recent paycheck was missing some overtime hours and when I asked a supervisor to check it out, I saw a form on the computer that showed my hours worked and hours that were "approved". Supervisor noticed me looking and closed screen and told me wrong page. Now they are asking me for proof of hours worked and told me I should write my hours down everyday if I don't want issues. What the hell is a time clock for then???? So other than union who can I file a complaint to about this matter. I asked my steward but he never knows anything so if someone can please point me in the right direction. I need someone who has authority to investigate this matter because I think what they are doing is illegal in my eyes. Thanks in advance

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    Definately keep track of your hours! I've never been shorted on my check, but many people have, especially if you have worked overtime! They hate paying overtime to a part timer.
    What i do is make a note in my iphone. Include your start time (not when you punched in), your finish time, & total hours for the day. I also like to keep a note of what i actually did on a particular night as well as anything out of the ordinary that may have happened.
    Since you haven't kept your own time card, you may be S.O.L. on this check.I dont know.
    Good luck
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    At ANY company you work for, management is ALWAYS in change of your time card. And I think you're seeking things that don't exist -- each week every employee's time card gets tagged "approved" - it's merely a formality the company follows, regardless of what's displayed within the time card. Nor can management change your rate of pay -- just your job classification.

    It's a good idea to keep track of your time card on a daily basis (write it into a notebook, keep track of it via your smartphone, etc.) Some managers are just too tempted to remove time from employees' cards, for whatever reason. But it's very unethical, against UPS policy - and the law in many jurisdictions. Early in my career I challenged the discrepancies in my time card, an investigation was launched and a 30-year manager was terminated. So yes, the company takes these matters very seriously.

    One more thing: UPS is migrating its PT to a central web-based payroll system. If your center participates, DON'T EVER offer to work off-the-clock and have the sup enter the time later. Instead, log into the computer one more time... it WILL allow multiple time cards and management WILL have to document any changes they make.
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    maybe I wasn't clear about the "approved" time ... on this particular day I worked 6 hours 56 minutes but the supervisor approved me for 4 hours 19 minutes .. I call that tampering ... also it was proven that my payrate was dropped for certain checks .. like I mentioned in my first post, the supervisor told the steward during the meeting they had to settle my grievances, that I asked for my payrate to be dropped ... I just want to know what outside organization I can contact to investigate these matters
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    Call your BA and let them know what is going on then file a grievance..... They are play games with you and you seem to be letting them. You punch in and out through a time clock there is a electronic trail and it gets bigger if they go back and change your hours.
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    call the ups help line 800-220-4126
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    The Union can obtain UPS' records of your hours worked if they are the subject of a grievance.

    The US Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division enforces timecard violations.
    U.S. Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division (WHD) - About WHD

    But first, read all of Contract Articles 12 and 17 . . .

    Upon request, an employee or the Union may inspect the record of an employee’s time recorded on the DIAD or other device for previous days’ work. An employee will be permitted to examine the operation record for the current pay period for the purpose of ascertaining his/her hours worked. If an employee has an issue with his/her hours worked for a particular day, the Employer will provide the employee, upon written request, with a print out of his/her hours worked.

    The Employer shall not alter the information from the DIAD board, or information recorded through the use of any other technology, so as to diminish an employee’s compensable time, without the employee’s knowledge. Further, the Employer shall post for an employee’s review, a copy of the PTE edits for each day.

    The Employer agrees to provide forms for the employee to record his/her starting and ending times.

    When requested by the Union, time clocks will be left in place for employees to record their work hours for their own personal use.

    All employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid for all time spent in service of the Employer.
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    NLRB |

    I was forced to use NLRB in one labor dispute. My BA threw out a grievance that he thought 'lacked merit'. He was wrong. I won the dispute through NLRB.

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    Ampad Pocket Wirebound Notebook, Narrow Ruled, Top-Open, 5" x 3" | Staples By far, the best "UPS" investment I've ever made because it has made/saved me a couple of hundred dollars in time clock "errors" over the several years I've been working at UPS. I record date, day, scheduled start time, report time and the time I clock out. I also maintain a spreadsheet to keep track of my hours. When I get my check, I compare the spreadsheet to my paycheck and report any discrepancies.
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    The $1 lower payrate on vacations/option days/sick days is a common question in payroll. What we used to find when we dug into these issues is that the employee's actual job class and pay rate in the system was "unskilled". However, the employee had been working in a "skilled" position and used the skilled work code in the time cards which pays $1 more. Since the skilled rate was paid all the time on regular checks, the employee believed that was his pay rate. When a vacation was requested, it paid out at the unskilled system rate. Center management does not tell Payroll the rate at which to pay your's driven by the job class coded by HR. Find out exactly what your job class code and pay rate are in the inquiry to Payroll will give you the answer.
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    Get a time recording app for your phone. I use one on my Droid to record my start time, lunch, and punchout. You have other places to record other data like stops, pieces, miles, and what route you were on that day if you need to. Works great and easy to make sure you arent getting ripped off. I usually check the day after to see that their numbers match mine.