Peak Dec `06


For me my peak day was Dec 19th
I had 105 delivery stops(about 190 pkgs)
with my reg log and 20 oncalls,I can do 65
and be back in 11 hours .Last year they just threw it all on,
knowing you`d have missed.This year I got to pull stops I
knew would eliminate that call for help.
Unlike Colorado and area,we`ve been blessed with mild
temps and no snow.So the driver releases are a snap when
you can see the house number from the road and dont have to drag that bowflex 50 feet through 3 feet of snow.


Agent of Change
Bowflex? My old Chicago-suburb hub was where those came out of. Shoulda seen the unloaders scatter when they saw it lol. Not that sorters liked it any more. I dono what I'd do if I had a Bowflex in Denver now...I can't see HOW I'd get it through 3 ft of snow.