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    What else would one expect? You know full the people in the know were
    briefed early on regarding what we were doing, but it wasn't appropriate
    to spit it all out at the time. Just as it's not appropriate to
  3. Baba gounj

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    A good liberal is never wrong because they do not understand the concept of moral judgment.
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    Pelosi, liar or senile

    I'd say she is just a ************ but that would be insulting a lot of dogs.:wink2:
    I'll say she is a liar. Not surprising.

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  5. moreluck

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    She's both !! Dual disabilities !! :angry:

  6. Monkey Butt

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    You forgot the third option: Politician

    Of course, Politician is inclusive of liar.
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    I like it but not sure it's a popular 3rd option. Reason being, Washington is 100% full of them so therefore the one's they cheerlead for must also be judged accordingly!

    Never Happen!

    Since the subject is liars and thieves, I loved watching Arlen Spector put his foot in his mouth after making the mid season sponsor change and then plugging his old sponsor in victory lane.

    That's OK Arlen, I still call the Nationwide Series Busch and Sprint Cup Winston but I'm not in position of power to use force or fraud to force people to my will either!

    Arlen, pay attention, watch the moving object.

    :hypnosis: You are not a republican, you are a democrat!

    :hypnosis: You are not a republican, you are a democrat!

    :hypnosis: You're no longer a Red Tyrant, You're a Blue one!

    Sic semper tyrannis
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    Lookie , Lookie the plot thickens as Obamas shot boomerangs back at his own.
  9. scratch

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    Since she became the Speaker of the House, I have sent Pelosi a few E-mails asking her to resign, but she unfortunately thinks she is doing a good job. For the life of me, I can't understand how she got the job in the first place. She is the best the Democrats could come up with?
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    Since you brought up Pelosi, I read this on her neighbor Diane Feinstein when she was Frisco mayor. It's kinda funny and has a Marilyn Chambers connection. I will warn you there is some descriptive comments of Frisco's porn underbelly but not graphic. So you are warned but it's still a bit funny and shows a side of DiFi at the end I'm sure she wants kept quite!

  11. Baba gounj

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    Who would you want to be leading the Dems, this nut job Pelosi { who forgets about classified briefings } or Ted K., someone who O would frown upon ( he was caught cheating on a spanish exam).
    After all O' has stated that it the goal of our children to learn a foreign language in order to keep living in America.
  12. wkmac

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    Funny how the change in political winds causes a change in focus. I applaud Human Events and Jeb Babbin for pointing out Pelosi's knowledge in all of this but why now, why a good year and a half after this whole thing broke in the so-called liberal media has this erupted in conservative, let's call it what it is, republican circles?

    But then, it was after the political winds changed that these same folks got concerned over deficit spending, massive debt runup and the potential for excessive taxation and big gov't. Deathbed conversion! :wink2:

    If Pelosi is a liar, and she is, then it's fair to say she's in a very crowded room IMO and it's aisle has vanished.

  13. wkmac

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    I awaited the wailing and gnashing of teeth for posting this!
    The question is from which side of the isle will it come?

  14. Baba gounj

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  15. moreluck

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    So I'm confused.....are we or are we not allowed to waterboard Pelosi ?? :knockedout:
  16. scratch

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    Water boarding wouldn't do any good with Pelosi, she doesn't know what the truth is anyway. I watched as much of her press conferences today that I could stand, she kept contradicting herself over and over. Now its all the CIA's fault, they lied to her. For a politician, she doesn't lie as well as others, I can't understand why she even tries. She had to keep reading from her notes to try to keep her story straight, even that didn't work. Truly pathetic.
  17. moreluck

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    Pathetic enough to lose the speaker's job ????
  18. scratch

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    Yes. Its funny how she wants former Bush staffers prosecuted and locked up, when she was on the Intelligence Committee overseeing all of this. She knew about it when it happened and did nothing, so she is just as guilty if a crime was actually committed in the first place. She needs to go, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a Democrat that would be a better House Speaker. I have never understood how she elected for that job in the first place.
  19. over9five

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    You know what the Democratic spin on this is now?

    "Just because you knew about something doesn't make you an accomplice".

    Well, yes it does. These "lawmakers" have avenues they can easily take that the rest of us don't. If she was so concerned why didnt she say anything?
  20. Baba gounj

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    If she is the leader of the democrats then its time for that party to fade away.

    Going head to head with the CIA is only going to be VERY BAD, for everyone.
    Who knows what other secrets they may reveal ? And what will the fallout be ?