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    It is no more speculation than anything you have stated as HR 2830 is not law yet and is likely to be amended who knows how prior to actually becoming legistlation that will pass both houses and the president.

    Also,it is hard to get concrete figures, especially current ones from these entities.

    I just contacted CS regarding this issue and no one there could give me a current or even the most current known figure regarding percent funded.

    I requested this information to be sent to me in written form and such was agreed to.

    We will see if I actually get anything from them of worth.

    That said, I question the accuracy, reliability and how current the 63% figure is and I ask you where did you get the 63% figure.

    Hopefully, it isn't just something you heard from a feeder driver or such.
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    regardless of who manages the pension I sincerely hope this can eventually be worked out where all of you get every penny UPS pays towards your retirement. Its a crying shame you folks work as hard as you do and might actually get less than what you deserve.
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    Wish the UPS decision makers way up in the ivory towers felt the same way as you Tie when they were making the decision to screw us on our retirement medical premiums.

    Appreciate the sentimentanyway.
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    As you said, the figure of 63% is a few month old, but is the last figure that I have heard. Off the top of my head I can't recall where I read it, but I read it in a publication of some type, not feeder rumor. But until they come out with a new figure 63% is a close as I can get. Hope you can get a more recent figure.
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    Thanks Tie.
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    ok2b:you surely are not questioning what sawman had stated. Don't you think you ought to give him a break. This is not the first time you have contradicted him. What gives?
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    ups79, you truly are predictable.

    I knew you wouldn't be able to realize the difference between disagreeing with sawman and personally attacking him as a human being.

    I almost bothered to explained to you directly in my posting to sawman, but figured I'd just wait for you to show you just don't get it first.

    Thanks for the confirmation.
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    ok2b:you are real legend(in your own mind). Is there nothing you are not an expert in?
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    I'm glad that UPS79 has so many constructive things to talk about!
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    It is really a shame, that a good well-thought-out discussion on an important topic can degenerate into this.....mess.
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    Like any marriage in a family you're gonna have your little fights and sqabbles but that is always followed by good passionate sex!

    You know, come to think of it, if Saw, OK and UPS start having passionate sex here I believe this ole' boy will hit the door running!

    Come on guys, step back, take a deep breath and just relax. We've all got our heart felt beliefs and opinions and I've learned much listening to all sides. We all agree a solid retirement is important so let's not shut this door on ourselves and give those who would take a good retirement from us, no matter where they might be, a very easy victory. It's more important right now to place everything, every idea, every success, every failure all on the table to learn from and hopefully come up with a solution. It's good to provide a countering view just to make sure as many bases as possible are covered. "WE" including myself here shouldn't take an opposing view personal nor should "WE" get personal. Let's just agree to that right here and move forward. We'll never grow and get better if we're to afraid to ask the all important question, What If?

    Just to share something with you that OK2BC already knows and that is I've exchanged several emails over the past couple of months with Van Silkman, one of the organizing individuals with APWA. I've raised some of the points with Mr. Silkman that has been discussed here concerning APWA's ideas and I'd encourage you to do the same. I'm confident it won't change your mind at this point based on what little I know about your situation regarding retirement issues etc. but I think once you hear what is really being suggested and discussed at the real level of APWA and understanding some of the issues we Teamsters covered by CS face then at least I'm certain you can appreciate why we might give it all a listen. Not suggesting it's the answer but like I've said before we should use APWA at the very least as a ballbat to beat and threaten the IBT with. "Beat" and "threaten" are not physical terms but rather mental and philosophical terms. Just want to make sure there was no confusion on that. Just thought I'd throw that opinion at you for something to think about.

    Hey guys hope you all have a good weekend.
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    wkmac:you have a great wkend too. One thing we can all agree on is that a nice wkend is earned every week by all of us.
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    Geeze, you are easily impressed.

    Actually, there are tons and tons of things I don't know a lot about or am not good at.

    But things that can seriously affect me like UPS, the Teamsters, the contract, my pension, those things I pay close attention to and understand in depth.

    Such as your "catbird seat",personal pension situation (super great for you, I am happy for you), but that makes it all the more harder to put up with your unfounded negative personal attacks on a guy bringing in news of possible options for the rest of us.

    Even if those options turn out to be just pipe dreams they are worth discussing for the vast majority of us who are likely to get royally screwed regarding our pension situation.
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    Stop that!

    I am getting all the screwing I need for a lifetime with the pension issue alone.