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  1. I retired about 3 months ago and the Northwestern Administration Pension department is suppose to recalculate my pension since the contract was ratified in April with the new contribution rate. Does anybody know how long it takes for them to recalculate my pension?
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    I was retired about 3 months when I got my letter. I retired March 1. I'm in a different district, however. The letter wasn't very specific. It just said something like "your pension has been adjusted as per the new contract."
  3. I did receive a letter like that but that was for updated calculation due to vacation and sick time that i took before retiring. My pension is suppose to be recalculated from August 1 to May.
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    UPS has 5 months after you retire to get the numbers correct and frequently takes months to make adjustments.
  5. I just spoke to my pension department. They said even thou that the union and ups have made a deal, the pension dept does not know the exact amount going to the pension. We we're suppose to get $1 going to the health and welfare and pension. Out of the $1, they don't know how much goes to the pension. I have a feeling this going to take along time to figure this out.
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    Mine went up about $4 / month 6 months after I retired.
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    Mine only went up $1.50/month 5 months after I retired.
  9. They recalculated mine a month and a half ago to reflect my vacation and sick time contribution. I had 18 weeks combined which I took. My pension went up $18 a month. Just wondering when and if it's going to go up again and how long it will take.
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    I had a co worker,retiree. went up about 30 cents a month.
    Got a reto check,for $
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    Mine has been the same for 13 years now--------$474,000 to date.
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    you earned it and gratz! Rod