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    Hey, I have a friend that wants to drive for UPS. I know, crazy huh? Anyway, he is in the Philadelphia area and plans to apply at one of the centers/hubs. Which facility will get him to driver the quickest? He has looked at
    Philadelphia air hub
    oregon ave
    Willow grove hub
    West chester

    Is it true that the hubs have less cars?
    Thanks guys!:thumbup1:
  2. actually generally hubs have more cars as they are larger buildings.

    take my area for instance, to equal the size of our hub (car wise) you'd have to take the leominster, ashland and brockton centers. Hubs generally have 2 or more centers contained in them in addition to the feeder sorting shifts.

    PTimers in our hub are going driving in under a year, at the smaller centers its generally MUCH longer than that (not always though).
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    Media is a center within Oregon Ave. Paoli, I believe, is covered by the Malvern center in West Chester.

    Willow Grove or West Chester will be the quickest way on the road.
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    Thanks!! :thumbup1:He kind of wants willow as it is closer to him. :)
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    Media and Bala run out out of the phila air hub. Willowgrove is the fastest way to drive but it will be sleeper run's!!!
  6. LOL, good LORD(!!!).

    I suppose we should take a moment to have a self-administered test.

    Try this:

    A "HUB" (in UPS terms) has

    (A) Less cars than a "center."

    (B) More cars than a "center."

    (C) ZERO cars.

    I'd hope that those that get it wrong would fail to report to work on Monday.

    Trust me - we'd both be better off.

    My suspicion is that we've got a butt-load of Teamsters and new part-time managers (and probably others too) that really don't know their nomenclature and are fools.

    That's what the public thinks in their dealings with UPS anyway...
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  8. um he asked a question, I answered it...W-T-F is your problem anyway?