Planning less, working more, and harrassed daily by management!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dilligafah, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Okay so hears my problem, The last couple weeks my route that I have been on for over two years is magically not planning anymore with the same amount of work. Sooo I for these last several weeks I have gone from working about 40 hrs a week to anywhere between 45-50 hrs week because I am now getting ridiculously overdispatched to even plan to a 8 hr day. For the last week the District Manager has made me his personal target and has indirectly been trying to force my center manager and on car sup to put pressure on me and give me warning letters for anything they can including a business stop that was missed because they gave me a blind split that I couldn't even get to til after 6pm and the biz closed at 5pm. They have been daily pulling sparks on me and making me go through my day minute by minute. The overtime is great but it is getting old quick but the daily harrassment is getting unbearable. I have a life other than UPS and I just want a fair days work and I certainly have been for the last 16 years. I am already on the over 9.5 list also.

    What should I do about being way over dispatched daily and the harrassment from management on a daily basis?:sad-little:
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    Wow, 45-50 hours a week? Does Hoffa know about this?!?!?!
    Seriously, just settle down and do your job. Don't get mad about it, the worst thing you can do is go out every day with a chip on your shoulder. No one ever got fired for doing their job.
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    UPS dispatching a 40 hour week? Never heard of it. It was always 45-50 hours - more if it was peak or unless they were short handed and we were suppose to bare with them, or unless they were :censored2: off at you, or unless a dozen other reasons.:happy2:
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    Tomorrow take your contract book with you to work, when the manager or sup or whoever starts to bug you again open it to page 120, article 37 and read them the first paragraph. Tell them you feel you are being overly supervised and will file a grievance if it does not end.

    You need to have documentation of everything that happens to win a case like this so get yourself a little pocket notebook and write down everything,(not on the clock though) keep notes of dates, times, who, what was said and any witnesses that might be able to help you out.

    Sometimes just the mention of being harrased will get them to back down a bit, but sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, you need to have the resolve to stand up for yourself over an extended period and make a good grievant at the panel hearing!!

    Good luck to you, no one should be treated as if they are scum simply because UPS changed the numbers!!!
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    Actually, these little ipods (mp3 players), are cheap nowadays, and they can record converstaions , too.
    Thinking back, I should have used mine in such a way.

    As far as 40hr workweek goes. Never had that here.
    Actually, when they do advertise for drivers in our papers or websites.. they say right upfront (in thier ad ), it's a 50 hr workweek.
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    some good advice . should he also cite his Weigarten Rights and ask for a shop steward be present?

    also I think the OP is leaving out some important info. why has this started all of a sudden?

    btw I have not had less than 50 hrs in 28 years unless I called in sick a couple days.
  7. cachsux

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    One,they`re not going to let you record the conversation. Two,in most states it`s illegal to record without both sides knowledge.
  8. klein

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    Good way to get around that, let Sup and management know you have an mp3 player that records.
    If they continue, thats thier own doing.
    But, you would think, they would stop the abuse.
  9. cachsux

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    Or they`ll toss your ass out the gate for having a recording device on company property. Ask UK-Guy how well it goes over.
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    tell them you have a recording device,its called pen and paper,then go out and do a fair days work for a fair days pay.btw, any conversations with management that have to do with your job/performance ask for an hourly or steward present.
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    This thread comes off as a Dear Abby letter. You're telling your problem to complete strangers and expecting us to get you out of your jam. I totally understand you using us as a sounding board, but be aware that besides the useful info you get, you may get info that could put you into a deeper hole.

    I say that you should work with what you have. If they give you an over allowed day, work over allowed. Do the route exactly as it's supposed to be done. Put "your life" on hold for awhile and just concentrate on doing the route and following the methods. YOU WILL NOT GET FIRED FOR THIS. MGMT can give out warning letters all they want, but they cannot fire you for doing the job properly. Grin and bear it, because this too shall pass.

    You said it, brotha Jones!

    Please refer to all threads/posts by UK_Guy.

    It's better now.

    Maybe THIS has just worked it's way to your route, eh?


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    //Two,in most ALL states it`s illegal to record without both sides knowledge.
    It's better now.

    wrong in my state (virginia) "An individual can record or disclose wire, oral, or electronic communications to which he is a party, or if one party to the communication consents. Otherwise, it is a felony. Va. Code Ann. § 19.2-62."
    which means i can record my conversation with someone, just not eavesdrop on the conversations of others.

    i believe ups has company policy banning recording (video/audio) in their facilities to prevent lawsuits. but company policy and law are different matters.
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    The dispatch sup can raise and lower the amount of stops required for any route to plan with the point and click of their mouse. Its that simple. The best way to fight it is to just do the job by the methods and let them see that just because they raise the stop count on the computer doesn't mean you will start running and speeding through neighborhoods to match those changes.
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    Thanks for all your input, especially Spiderman..... It will pass and actually my sups are supposedly looking closely at the recent zipcode change on my area and the possible allowance difference that IE has created. I realize that 45-50 hours isn't much to most but at least two days a week I'm the last driver to clock out at around 9pm in a fairly large building. Flying under the radar is better than a frickin huge bullseye on my forehead at my building. The teamsters in my building are a train wreck and the DM won't think twice about putting us on the street long enough to break us $$ and then bring us back right before the panel after 2 months or so in many cases. Anyways thanks for the input.:happy2:
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Yes always ask for your steward, if you ask and they don`t allow it, anything talked about cannot be used against you for discipline!!
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    Not to make too big deal of it, but the "Weingarten Right" can only be invoked when the employee has a reasonable belief that he may be interrogated in a fashion that could lead to disciplinary action; management's simply conveying information, or applying discipline (firing, for example), is not a concern of's the questioning that could lead to discipline that matters.

    With that in mind, one might be making a horrible mistake in assuming that "anything talked about cannot be used against you for discipline" because it simply isn't true. In many, many cases it CAN, at a later date, be "used against you for discipline".
  17. cachsux

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    Actually if you ask and they refuse, you stop talking.
  18. 705red

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    Get use to the hours! Hours worked this year are up all around the country and if you want less hours the contract affords you the right to file grievances for 9.5, this is when you work three days a week over 9.5 you are now entitled to triple time pay for every minute over 9.5 worked.

    Now for the harassment, when they are asking you about the previous day from print outs, simply reply I do not recall, over and over and over for every question! Ask them if they would like to ride with you until 9pm so they can tell you what you are doing wrong. You cannot be discipline from technology but you sure could dig your self a huge hole explaining your side!

    There is a production push going on in this company right now. Every supervisor has been given a driver that is over allowed and they must correct the driver! Thats right the driver not the time study, the dispatch or the loop, but the driver.

    All my guys are keeping daily journals including stop counts, package counts, air stops, mileage, anything out of the usual, like 15 cases of paper to the 2nd floor, or 35 international asd forms etc. Document your first half of your day at lunch time and the 2nd half at the end of your day this way it will be fresh in your memory if you are disciplined.
  19. Dragon

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    All my guys are keeping daily journals including stop counts, package counts, air stops, mileage, anything out of the usual, like 15 cases of paper to the 2nd floor, or 35 international asd forms etc. Document your first half of your day at lunch time and the 2nd half at the end of your day this way it will be fresh in your memory if you are disciplined.

    This means absolutely nothing. I have taken 2 drivers to panel for production and they tried introducing that BS and they do not work here anymore. Every time I have gotten on car with a driver and I mean EVERY time, I have reduced the over allowed by 30 minutes or more. I have ridden every type of route you can name. The reason why, is that the driver is focused on WORKING and leaves or I make him/her leave the BS in the parking lot. I think the funniest thing about these rides is when the driver thinks he has told his customers do not help him when there is a second person on the car because it "might" be management. I let the customer know its okay to help because I already know they do it when I am not there, the customer laughs and proceed to help the driver. So a tip the drivers: if you run a 18.50 sporh with management on the car for 3 days you need to make sure you run that daily or be darn close.
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    (shaking in my boots)