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This is my first, and probably last post on this platform. As a 33 year Teamster who started at UPS in 1990, business agent and/or principle officer of a local since 2002 I think I may have some perspective which could benefit my brothers, sisters and our union as I’m winding down my career over the next couple years. It Is not my intent to offend or upset anyone, just wanted to offer my experience based opinion in the hopes it may be of benefit to my fellow Teamsters and this great union which has provided so much to so many. Some of my statements and opinions will not be popular but are the truth and based upon my personal, first hand experiences. So here goes….

I do not, on a personal level, care for every union official I’ve worked with over the years but have never witnessed a single official “selling out” the membership. I’m quite certain there are those I have dealt with that do not care for me on a personal level. There have been decisions made with which I disagreed, sometimes vehemently. Despite my disagreeing with some of these decisions, the person or persons involved truly believed they were making the best decision for the members. Looking back, sometimes the decisions I disagreed with turned out to be the best possible decision and I was wrong. Sometimes my concerns proved to be valid. Regardless of whose opinion was ultimately correct, everyone involved honestly had the members best interests at heart.

Hoffa and Taylor did not “sell out” the members and were not in bed with the company. They actually did a pretty damn good job. Not perfect and I’m sure there were some things they wish they could do differently if they could go back in time with the benefit of the knowledge they possess today. O’Brien and Zuckerman aren’t selling us out now and Vairma would not have sold us out had he been elected. Sean and Fred are truly doing the best they can to get the best possible Agreement. Maybe actually trust the people we elected and give them the same benefit of doubt we ask the employers to give to our brothers and sisters.

Stop with the “Vote No” bs at least until you’ve read the actual TA. There will never be an agreement which is perfect and the current one will not be an exception. The question should be “Is this offer acceptable over all and will it improve my families life versus the consequences of refusing the offer?” Your vote belongs to you. I just encourage everyone to make and informed, rational decision not based upon emotion or your dislike of management. If the negotiating committee recommends an agreement it’s usually best to trust they have gotten the best package that can be obtained. They have nothing to gain by short changing us.

Consider setting aside the ego and accept you may not be labor negotiator. Hoffa, Hall, Taylor, O’Brien and Zuckerman have years of training and the experience of actually negotiating labor agreements on a daily basis. They are surrounded by some of the best negotiators, attorneys, economists, etc. in the country. The theory of always voting No on a first offer is asinine. This is not haggling at a flea market.

If everyone would actually trust their elected union officials (and hold them accountable), stop disparaging the union, fellow members and union leaders in social media and check those egos and emotions I think we would all be amazed at the progress which could be made for working families. We’ve been doing just the opposite for 30 years, it may be time to give a little positivity a chance.

To everyone that served on the negotiating committees, all the local and international union staff involved and member activists I would like to personally thank you for your sacrifice and service no matter the outcome. To everyone who reads this, I hope you all have a safe day and long, profitable Teamster careers.

Tim Nichols

Brah, if you don’t think Hoffa and Taylor sold us out you are either blind or ignorant


BS Hoffa was a sell out who took a golden parachute just like the company execs. Wouldn’t be surprised if years from now he is brought up on corruption charges.

as far as current admin. They sold out existing PT’ers for a new higher starting wage (Amazon’s cure wage of 21/hr).

people without MRA’s
new PT hires/less than 2 yr = $4.50 raise
2-4.99 yrs PT = approx 4.00 raise
5-8 year PTers = approx 3.75
8-9.99 years PT =approx 3.25 raise
10-14.99 yrs = 3.75 raise
15+ year PT’ers = 4.25

union screws over PT’ers yet again. the group that has 8-9.99 yrs has it the worst.

full timers screwed over by backload raises that won’t keep up with inflation in yrs 2-3 but won‘t get supplemented by COLA (as 3% or under = no COLA raise).
yr 2 0.75
yr3 0.75
yr4 1.00
yr5 2.25

this is an all hype contract during company’s best economic times with a low unemployment rate period and people should vote NO

if this is the result of the best unio minds we have it’s time to outsource them


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Every employee with seniority gets at least a $2.75 raise August 1… has that ever happened before? I thought they could have done better on drivers in progression but even they are getting a minimum of $3.75 raise this year…Inflation killing everyone financially speaking but let’s be realistic here and realize we’ll all be making more money this year and a decent amount too regardless of what we think we’re worth and we are worth what we get because our company is PROFITABLE! But we also must maintain being profitable so we can all retire from here and support our families!


My point is simply we all have a right to judge the product of our leaders work and if that product is not satisfactory criticize the work. Nothing wrong with being critical of Hoffa’s work if you believe it to be warranted. To say he or anyone else “sold us out” is to say he intentionally negotiated poor contracts for personal gain which he did not. Quite frankly, he was not actually overly involved in day to day negotiations with UPS. That job belonged to the Package Division Directors and regional coordinators. Hoffa oversaw and advised the Directors. Accusing someone of “selling out” without actual evidence is no different than when some jackass manager accuses a teamster of stealing time because the manager doesn’t like the over allowed reflected on a drivers W.O.R. It’s fair to be critical of the quality of someone’s work. It’s not fair to accuse someone of betrayal or dishonesty because you find fault in the job they performed. Give our union leaders the same benefit of the doubt we expect management and arbitrators to give our brothers and sisters.

Again. I’m not here to convince anyone to vote YES or NO on this contract. It would be inappropriate of me to encourage a YES or NO vote to anyone who is not a member of my local union. I am here to encourage people to vote for your leaders, trust and support them in dealing with the employers, fairly criticize their work if you choose and cast your ballots. Not liking someone or the contracts they produce is no reason to accuse them of dishonesty. Those unsubstantiated claims only benefit the opponents of organized labor.


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This is what I don't understand. It's a part-time job with full-time benefits, a 401k and a pension. You want the big bucks then make the necessary adjustments and go full-time.
Because it didn’t use to be that way, part timers use to get the same wage as full time, they just got half the hours


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22.4 here. My one year progression comes up on August 1st. I know I'll be rpcd and my pay rate will jump to 24.00. Will I also get 2.75 on top of that?


Burn this whole thing into the ground
Brah, if you don’t think Hoffa and Taylor sold us out you are either blind or ignorant
I would 100% rather of had Kenny Hall go up against the company than Denis T…He wasn’t the right guy…ever. Should have stayed in car haul.


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I would 100% rather of had Kenny Hall go up against the company than Denis T…He wasn’t the right guy…ever. Should have stayed in car haul.
Denis T is definitely the man responsible for the last contract. At that point in Hoffas career, he was just a figurehead. I briefly got to meet Hoffa at the 2016 convention and even then he seemed to be getting senile.