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    Hello all I am a PT service manger with Ground with 5yrs experience as package handler/admin/ and manager now for 2 years. Until October of last year I had never been wrote up or displined for any reason I do my job and don't complain when I give what I call fedex charity or extra hrs. In October we got a new sort manager she has no dock experience and has no idea how to properly run a sort. However she is always telling us what we are doing wrong. We hit all our numbers and perform better than anyone in our region. My PMP or yearly review was completed by her after being here for two weeks she gave me horrible remarks on everything and basically said I am a bad manager. We have had sit downs on how to go forward but she is a bitch and cannot interact without negative comments. I have heard from reliable people that she was not wanted in her old terminal and they raised her up to get her out. I don't know what to do any advice is welcomed. I almost walked out tonite but refused to let her win I now have to have a sit down/counseling session with my senior manager and her. Should I be worried
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    Your Sr. manager should be well aware of your excellent past performance so you really shouldn't be worried. This new sort manager on the other hand has reason to worry if she has enough self perception which in all likelyhood she doesn't. She's come to your station like a bucking bull in seran wrap and ready to bust loose and gore anyone within sight. Your senior manager would have to be blind if he didn't see who the trouble maker is here. I'm sure he'd hear an earful about her if he just made one call to her previous station. Then he needs to cut her loose.


    Don't forget whose side they are on man! That sounds like VP material right there.
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    I don't work for Ground, but over here at Express, "problem" managers are routinely assigned elsewhere and given a second chance to redeem themselves. The current formula for management stardom here is to be a major A-hole and focus like a microscope on numbers and budget. Unfortunately, they may look upon your manager as a rising star.