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Hello all,
I have not posted in a while, But I am asking for your prayers. My mother suffered a heart attack on Dec 5th, followed by a stroke on the 13th. The stroke hit 2 areas of her brain from what i understand. We almost lost her when they gave her blood thinners, the thinners caused weak veins to burst and her to bleed internally. She had 7 units of blood pumped in to her, We were forced to move her to a nursing home for rehab but she is not participating in the rehab. She had alzheimers to begin with but it seems to be way worse now after the stroke. She is now seeing and talking to her mom who has been gone since 96. Any personal expirences with either health problems would be helpful. I wolud like to know what I might be facing in the near future.


Lost,I'm sorry to hear about your mother.Unfortunately our bodies do wear out over time.It burns me that hospitals make so many mistakes.
I lost my 42 year old sister in a bypass operation that went awry,and I know the frustration you must feel.I really have no experience with these particular health issues but I have with others,and all I can do is suggest you take it day by day,try not to constanly dwell on it,and just do the best you can to help your mom through this.Be thoughtful by bringing her things she enjoys,and visit as often as you can.


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Yes, our thoughts are with your family at this trying time.

"Forcing" her to enter a home where they specialize in this medical condition is the best thing your family could have done. The specialized care needed to care for your mom is essential and immediate. Your mom may be resisting but truthfully could you provide 24 hr care that she needs?

Your mother's battle with alzheimers shows she cannot be left alone. At this point make sure her affairs are in order in case of the inevitable. I know, this recently happened to my Dad (Rest in Peace).


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My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Make sure you feel comfortable with the care she is getting. Trust your gut, while you are not a medical provider, make sure they are doing everything they can be doing. Do not be afraid to ask questions, someone should provide them, if they cant then you need to find new providers. There should be social workers who can help you get answers you need, to comfort your soul. They can do wonderful things for heart attack, and stroke victims these days. My husband and brother both had heart attacks, bypass, and are doing well. And they were relatively young. My Dad was 75, and he came through just fine, although the rehab is mandatory to keep what she has. My Dad didnt want to participate, and didnt. It could have helped him survive much longer. But in the end if they wont participate, then nature takes its course. It isnt your fault, you can only encourage her. If she chooses not to, pushing her will make her resist all the more. Keep us posted. Its a tough one.


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Sorry about your mom. It's important you be there for her whenever you can. It's good that you have the nursing home. I have heard horror stories of folks who tried to do it all themselves. She'll be in professional hands when you are not there. They are equipped to handle an emer. should one arise.

Prayers are with you during your difficult time.


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Thats what worries me so much, She wont do her therapy, She is scared to sit in a wheel chair, She thinks she will fall out of it. She will work her arms but will not do anything if it involves getting out of that bed. Her body is going down hill.


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May God bless you in this trying time.
I do not have much info to give you, but this one thought:
Perhaps she is not hallucinating about speaking to her mother. perhaps hermother is awaiting her on the other side and whispering encouragement to her as she nears her journey.
vaya con Dios