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    Christmas sans Santa................oh brother.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 @ 12:45 pm | South Carolina Cancer Center Gives Santa Claus The Boot: “We Don’t Want To Offend” Anyone…
    (Post And Courier) — It’s not even December, but Santa has already been fired from Charleston’s Hollings Cancer Center.
    For each of the past two years, hospital volunteer Frank Cloyes spent one day as St. Nick, spreading good cheer and snacks to patients sitting through chemotherapy treatments. The 67-year-old James Island resident, a retired insurance executive who calls himself a “gregarious guy,” paid for his own costume rental.

    On Tuesday morning, a volunteer coordinator told Cloyes his services no longer were needed.

    “Because of our state affiliation, we decided not to have a Santa presence this year,” Hollings spokeswoman Vicky Agnew said. Hollings is a part of the Medical University of South Carolina.

    Decorations will be “more secular and respectful to all beliefs,” Agnew said. “We don’t want to offend a volunteer with good intentions, but we need to think of the bigger picture. People who are Muslim or Jewish or have no religious beliefs come here for treatment,” she said.

    “Santa is a tradition and everyone loves him,” Cloyes said. “It’s just something that makes people happy for a while. Kids liked it, staff liked it. People took pictures.”

    Santa still will visit the Children’s Hospital, which has a different board of directors than Hollings, although both are MUSC facilities, spokeswoman Heather Woolwine said.
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    Maybe Coca-Cola can send their Polar Bear instead ?
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    Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 2:53 pm | Wisconsin Militant Atheist Group Demands Texas Town Remove Nativity Scene…

    The County Commissioner’s response: “When hell freezes over.”
    ATHENS, Texas — The signs of Christmas are everywhere in downtown Athens.
    Lights, trees, and Santa and his reindeer line the streets. But it’s the nativity scene on the lawn at the county courthouse that has caused concern.

    “I just don’t understand it, to be honest with you,” said Henderson County Judge Richard Sanders. “I’m just confused about it.”

    Sanders says residents haven’t complained. The issues were brought up by the Freedom From Religion foundation, a Wisconsin non-profit group who sent a letter to the county this week, calling the display unconstitutional and demanding it come down.

    “I’m an old country boy, you come to my house looking for a fight, you’re going to get one,” said County Commissioner Joe hall. “That’s from the bottom of my heart.”

    There’s no confusing how hall feels. He says the county isn’t budging.

    “We’ll remove it when hell freezes over,” hall said. “It’s not going to happen.”
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    Oh, that's all just silly crap.
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    Michael Graham reports from the front lines in the War on Christmas in liberal Taxachusetts:
    On Sunday evening, my kids and I dropped into the Friendly’s in Sudbury for a post-Christmas-shopping-day treat. They got ice cream decorated with smiley-faces, and I got a few minutes of blessed relief from “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” blasting from the car’s CD player.
    Suddenly the door at Friendly’s swings open and who to my wondering eyes should appear, but … SANTA! Perfect timing: Ice cream, kids and Santa Claus — what could be better on a December’s eve?
    I watched as Santa, dressed in full regalia including the little Santa spectacles on his nose, worked his way from table to table, greeting the delighted children.
    “Merry Christmas,” the kids cried.
    “Happy Holidays,” Santa replied.
    Every table, the same thing from Santa: “Happy Holidays.” Not a single “Christmas” crossed his lips. So by the time he made it back to our booth, I was ready.
    “Santa, thanks so much for stopping by to wish my kids a ‘Merry Christmas!’ ” I said before he could even speak.
    “Happy Holidays!” he returned.
    “And how about a ‘Merry Christmas’ for the kids?” I insisted.
    “Happy Holidays, kids,” he insisted right back.
    I pushed him again, even more directly, and he glared at me. A deep, dark, “Omigodit’s CreepySanta” glare that kids know and secretly fear every time they see the Big Guy at the mall.
    Through gritted teeth came the final “Happy Holidays” before he quickly moved on to the next table.
    Don’t come down too hard on Santa; refraining from saying the forbidden word “Christmas” was apparently a condition of his employment.
    Every year liberals move the battle lines in their War on Christmas. It has already reached the point that acknowledging a holiday that 95% of Americans celebrate feels like a faux pas. Graham wonders,
    Why go to so much trouble to ruin other people’s fun? If you really are so fouled up inside that you can’t find joy in Christmas, why not simply ignore it?
    Here’s why: the rawest essence of liberalism is coercion. Every other principle can go out the window if it has too, but the coercion will remain because a liberal by definition is someone who worships it. That’s why coercion is their solution to every problem, and why the motto “live and let live” will never be applied by liberals to those they oppose.
    If moonbats keep winning the War on Christmas, within a few years, these fascist Grinches will be sending inspectors into private homes to make sure no one puts up a Christmas tree, on the pretext that the trees are a fire hazard, or that cutting them down deprives the purple-sphinctered forest grouse of its nesting habitat.
    On tips from Bernie and Mary.
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    The better strategy would be to mock Christmas and it's false glory so strongly that the mainstream could no longer take it seriously. It's a farce for big business conglomerates to rake in cash and a feel-good sheeple thing, but "taking down Christmas" isn't the answer either.
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    There is a spirit to Christmas. It is about giving. Too many people have forgotten that. Most, probably. I have to pick a 'big gift' from my parents because it makes them happy to give to me. Otherwise, I am much happier shopping/doing something for someone else. I wish everyone here would take a moment and just hug someone. Smile at someone for no reason. Whistle while you are walking up the drive. Anything to lift a spirit of someone else. It's free. Enjoy it, also. Do it because it feels good. Some say Pay Forward. I won't qualify it into a box with a pretty name on it. Just enjoy and share the enjoyment of life and how wonderful it can be. This time of year and the rest. Don't ever forget that we are the ones who can make it better.
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    Yea!!!! Finally...someone who gets it. Atta girl well said.
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    Why then for only 12 days a year. Practice this everyday. Its called an Act of Random Kindness.
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    Long before it was called "Act of Random Kindness" it was called "Common Courtesy"
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    And if "common courtesy" is too much, one could begin with a firm commitment not to be an ass.
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    Hmmmm ... watch your company comes to mind.
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    True, let me know how that works out for you. OK, was just kiddin' .
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    Hmmmm...I have no idea what that means.
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    I mean for others, not me. Some things are just too firmly rooted....:happy-very:
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    Shooting from the hip here, I'm guessing he's talking about the company you keep.
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    Then I would say I am incorrectly pigeon-holed.
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    [h=2]Enough of this Political Correctness Crap. These politicians are so afraid that someone is going to be offended by something that someone else said. Politicians have bigger things to worry about like our Economy,Infrastructure,Foreclosures,Bailouts,etc.. I'm an American & I'm tired of other people that want to come to our Great Country & try & change our way of life. If I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Than that Is what I'm going to say. People in all walks of life will be offended by something, now if someone were to continually offend someone on a daily basis & be mean spirited about it then I have a problem with that. This country is becoming to Sensitive. How many of you know that there Is no Official language of this Country? Don't believe me check it out for yourself on the Net. Politicians fix the major problems of our Country & stop worrying about stupid things.[/h]
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    I practice this 365 24/7.
    It is amazing how quick some angry person can become de fused by a smile , a kind word, or a short chat.
    I know it works coz my Mom told me so, and taught me, she was a pioneer of it and trust me she didnt have alot to be happy about.
    And its alot easier, than being angry all the time. And better for your health.
    sound corny I know, but it works.