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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Oct 14, 2010.

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    First, let me be clear I'm not talking about FedEx.com, the consumer website. This is the internal site that employees read, and lately Fred has been piling it on about how the "private sector" and free market principles are the answer to the recession.

    This smacks both of the Tea Party and Fred's desire to futher his own causes in terms of the RLA. This is more of the "unions are bad, free markets are good" crap that Smith has spewed for years, and the upshot of his message is that the government had better not play games with his special exemption.

    Today, Fred is trumpeting the visit of Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke to the Memphis Hub, which supposedly showcased the power of the private sector (read a non-unionized FedEx) to turn around our sputtering economy.

    Never mind that the low wages Smith pays actually detract from the possibilities for economic turnaround because his employees cannot afford to purchase the items our economy produces. More hypocrisy and spin from the masters of the craft.

    Hey Fred, why not really apply those Free Market principles you stand upon and eliminate your personal government subsidy (the RLA classification)?
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    So how exactly does labor classification have anything to do with Free Market principles? Or put another way, it's ok to have one type of labor classification interfere with the Free Market as long as it's the classification you agree with. And that goes along with your spin that $12, $15, $18 whatever per hour is only low wages if FedEx is paying it??? If another company pays $15/hour that's ok as long as those employees are covered under NLRA because that would be using Free Market principles??? Maybe we all need a lesson in MrFedExonomics.
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    Labor classification has everything to do with Free Market principles. Fred's special deal prevents the Free Market from working as planned. On other words, the playing field should be level so the "free" market can take control. Maybe you should take advantage of Tuition Refund too.
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    Actually any labor classification has an effect on the Free Market as that's government intervention. My point was that if FedEx being under the RLA affects Free Market principles then so does UPS being under the NLRA. For it to be truly free, there would be no labor classification whatsoever.
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