Postal Service: Interesting facts

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    Postal Service: Interesting facts - Azcentral

    The Postal Service compared its Express Mail and Priority Mail services against two competitors for sending letters and packages weighing up to 10 ounces over different shipping zones. Here's a summary of the results:

    1. The Postal Service's Express Mail and Priority Mail was less expensive than comparable FedEx services in all 294 situations examined, according to the study, with price differentials ranging from about 17 percent to 77 percent.

    2. The Postal Service said its Express Mail and Priority Mail was less expensive than comparable shipments by United Parcel Service in roughly half of 98 scenarios. On letters, the Postal Service was up to 23 percent cheaper. However, on certain heavier packages, UPS was up to 140 percent less expensive.
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    Those are interesting results. My question would be what are the percentages of those deliveries being successfully delivered within their respected time commitments??
    Even though they are cheaper, did they make it on time?
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    I could speak for my customers, they hate post office express mail, They tell in all the time, They would rather spend a little extra money to get the package there on time and build a great customer relation with there clients. Remember there is a reason for that package to be there the next morning. closing on house, business meeting presentation, so on.
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    Priority and express mail time in transit is only guaranteed from origin to destination Post Office branches.