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    What's up guys I'm new to the forum. Been lurking a while since I got the interview scheduled as a driver. I have some questions for you guys that will hopefully answer my concerns.
    I'm currently working for the Post Office as a mail carrier and I would like to know if anyone here has been a mail carrier and a UPS delivery driver. I'm trying to decide if I should quit the PO to become a UPS driver. Pros and cons would be very helpful. And I guess I'll list some of the questions I have. Please add anything I should know in making my decision. Thanks in advance!

    - Do you guys work Saturdays? Sundays?
    - What is a typical day like?
    - Does management frown upon doing overtime?
    - How many routes would a new guy have to learn?
    - What's the hardest part of the job?
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    They hate you unless your doing them a favor
    A lot
    Going into work in the morning
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  3. bottomups

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    When it rains your whole body will get soaked instead of just your right arm.
  4. BlueToBrown

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    We get soaked also. Your thinking of routes with them nice mailboxes setup on the curb. My station doesn't have curbside routes. So we actually walk in the rain all day up and down steps with a bag on our shoulder with parcels.
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Like Santa Claus?
  6. - Do you guys work Saturdays? Sundays? Not yet
    - What is a typical day like? Always different.
    - Does management frown upon doing overtime? No way
    - How many routes would a new guy have to learn? Anywhere from ten to sixty depending on the center.
    - What's the hardest part of the job? It's like life. All the curveballs and screwballs you have to deal with.
  7. Gumby

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    The hardest part is, dealing with the mental B.S.
  8. What about the achy knees the cranky back?
  9. DumbTruckDriver

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    What's the hardest part? Having all that sex with the naked, nubile young women that throw themselves at you, while finding time in the day to deliver 500 packages.
  10. scooby0048

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    But you guys get those fancy safari pith helmets to sport while getting soaked...we just get driver release bags that might or might not fit!
  11. BlueToBrown

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    So far it sounds similar. Management here gives us crap everyday about our times. We have scan points we have to hit at a certain time and when we don't, they try to write you up. And they also hate us and screw with us if they don't like you. They're always having an issue with scans, doing proper moves (we have to swipe the time clock for every little thing), explain when we took lunch etc...
    I'm not even a regular carrier yet. I don't have an assigned route. When other stations need help, area manager chooses someone to go to another station. We work Saturdays...and now Sundays delivering parcels in an area I'm not familiar with. There's no such timeframe in knowing when I will become a regular carrier. Few guys in my stations is this for 6-7 years before he got a route. We also got a 30% paycut last year. Regular carriers wasn't affected.
    If overtime is not frowned upon, you can stay out there all night and take your time?
    What's the mental BS You guys get?
  12. BlueToBrown

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    What's a driver release bag? You guys can't wear your own hats? We're not allowed to but some of us do anyway
  13. nineyearsUGH

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    I thought you said you lurked here. You should know that sarcasm is thick here, along with some sound advise.
    A Driver Release, or dr, is a residential stop where the driver leaves the pkg without a signature. A dr bag is a clear bag to protect pkg from rain.

    OT is typical. You can't stay out all night. Mgmt dispatches you with a time they think it should take you, and they will be on you if you go too far over that. But there is language in the contract to protect you against mgmt harassment and excessive OT.

    Saturdays are typically air delivery, whish is not usually handled by M-F ground drivers. On rare occasions they seek volunteers, and if none, force low seniority drivers. Pay in that case would be time and half.

    Good luck

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