Potential new Road Driver with some questions

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by brown-nosing, Mar 14, 2020.

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    Good morning all. I interviewed for a linehaul opening at my local terminal this past week and have a road test scheduled for Friday. I'm currently not a UPS employee.

    I've reviewed the union contract and seen someone's thread with their pay stubs attached over several months. Still have some questions about pay.

    Roughly how many hourly paid hours can you expect week to week? I understand this depends on number of drop and hooks etc as well as dock work.

    I'm really interested in the job but I need to make sure that the lower wages prior to the 4 year top out are going to work out for me. My current driving job is hourly so it's much easier to know what I'm earning.
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  2. brown-nosing

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    Also how much hourly time do you punch for tasks like pre trip, tire check etc?
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    U applied for a feeder position ? Wtf are u talking about DOCK WORK ?
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    I applied for road driver at Freight. Mgr had said when there isn't enough routes that you work the dock.
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    Freight ? Ewwwwww. You’d be better off at an Old Dominion
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    It all depends on which part of the country you are applying from. In my area a new linehaul driver's position includes up to 4 hours working the mini-hub dock. Leave our terminal, get to mini-hub after 3 hours, lunch then work dock until your trailers are ready to bring back to our terminal. It's completely different depending on what part of the country you work from.
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    according to the fed you can now work up to 80 hours per week