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    Anyone know of a power inverter that wont shut down when you start the engine. I dunno if its just my truck or my inverter, but the draw from the starter is so great, it trips the Low Voltage saftey.

    Im really getting tired of opening the batt. compartment and reseting the dam thing.:anxious:

    I guess im looking for a brand or model of inverter that will come back on with having to manually re-set it.
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    I used to drive truck. The reset is a safety thing, it's a circuit breaker. If it keeps tripping, you are using more power than the inverter can handle. What is the wattage of the inverter, and what are you running? I had a 1500 watt that would trip if I ran a small microwave and a 13" tv at the same time. The brand won't matter at all. Look on the back of everything you want to run, add it up, and add around 500 watts, since most electronics use more power to start up.
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    Thanks for trying to help but plz re-read my post.

    Im powering a radio...with brand new wires...its a low voltage shut-off im 100% sure of that part.
    It also runs everything fine when the truck is running or turned off. Its only when the starter is engaged that causes the problem
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    So you have a radio for your truck hooked into a inverter, when you start the truck it trips the inverter? then you have to open the inverter and reset it?

    If thats the issue, its more of a truck issue then the inverter. youre not going to be able to make the starter pull anyless, cant you unplug the inverter or does it have an off switch?
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    I can turn it off and on yea, but after the 50th delivery of the day(and stopping/starting the engine) that becomes a bit annoying. I was hoping there was a brand or model that would just auto-reset itself.

    If anyone uses a power inverter that works before and after you start the engine thats the one I need to get.

    Im using a Vector Brand right now
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    When the truck is already running, it's off of the alternator.
    When the motor isn't running is using up the battery

    The starter uses a lot of juice, that's your problem. For instance, a tv that's rated at 200 watts could take 500 watts to just turn on. Same principle. The "low voltage shut-off" is supposedly to ensure that you have enough current to start the motor, but rarely works.
  7. drewed

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    Oh ok gotcha, im drawing a blank at the moment but ill do some research and see if i can find something
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    I've used Vectors. Brand means nothing. All inverters do is convert 110VAC to 12VDC. What I'm stressing is that if you go over the wattage rating for the inverter, it will shut down. That is what they are designed to do so you don't set something on fire. Most electrical components use roughly twice the power to start it as it does to run it.
  9. drewed

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    Id ask the mechanic when the batt was replaced too, it could be just old and doesnt have enough crank amps in it (well just barely enough)
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    I had the same problem, I just quit using an inverter and bought a radio that uses 8 batteries. All batteries---whether aa, c or d cell---are 1.5 volts. An 8-battery radio runs 12 volts, same as the package car. Open the battery compartment of the radio and drill a small screw into the first positive plate and hook your hot wire to that with a roach clip. Connect your negative wire to the last negative coil, and you are done. I set mine up with a quick-disconnect trailer plug, so my radio lives in the truck with a little pigtail hanging out the back, and the wires stashed elsewhere. All I do is plug in the pigtail, hook the hot wire up to the positive terminal under the dash, ground the negative out on the chassis, and I have tunes. Takes about 5 seconds to hook up and it works whether the iginition is on or not.
  11. Ok heres what you do. Collect all your old garbage, put it in the flux capacitor, get it up to 80mph and there you go.
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    Get rid of the radio. Problem solved.
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    88 mph
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    I ran a radio for 25 plus years doing this and never had a problem. Even when radios weren't allowed. Just make sure to unhook them before returning to the building.:peaceful:
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    Oh good call I havent thought about doing that

    Thanx guys

  16. Its been awhile