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    I don't want to offend any pre-loaders with this but when they hired on new employees yesterday at my center they told them that the preloaders $1 an hour skill raise might go away now that we have pal labels, I was wondering if anyone thought this was fair because I can see the logic behind this but I think it would be wrong to take away current preloaders wage but I don't think new preloaders should get the skill raise. Also if you go by that logic primary has to lose their skill pay to as they just read the PAL label also. Just want to know what you guys think don't want to step on anyone's toes just curious as to others opinions.
  2. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    So they go from insultingly low pay to even more insultingly low pay.
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    The pay is insultingly low but an unloader now gets paid a dollar less an hour for pretty mush the same thing, as the PAL label tells what truck and where in the truck it goes. Im not saying preloading is easy but it is definitely not as hard as it used to be.
  4. up here they qualified it as a shift differential...however I don't know if thats going to last. There was a little ruckus caused over this a short while ago here and it ended up staying at 9.50 for preload (and we have PAS).

    In my opinion theres so many more mistakes to look for now on a package than before (when we used color coded alpha charts and worldship labels). Out of sync PALs, system flips etc. Sure you're (as a preloader) not required to find them (in our ENE) but they make you feel like you're stealing from the company or something if you don't.

    Dont misunderstand, I believe we should find these packages, but if you're a preloader on my line you're normally averaging 900-1100+ pieces and you're expected to finish in about 3.8-4.5 hours a day currently (or 236+ PPH), hearing that you should have plenty of time to check all labels and face PALs for driver selection in stop for stop order coming from people who've never done the job (and freely admit as much) doesn't help morale or retention as it is...taking away the extra dollar in addition to that "praise" won't either. MA minimum wage is $8 or $8.25..I forget off hand. People won't do this job for minimum wage unless they're using us for school or FT driver down the road.