Pregnant worker's case to test justices' 'blind spot'

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    Pregnant worker's case to test justices' 'blind spot' - USA Today

    When Peggy Young's pregnancy discrimination claim against United Parcel Service comes before the Supreme Court Wednesday, the potential implications will be greater for the court itself than for Young or UPS.

    Several cases involving gender discrimination and reproductive rights have hit a 5-4 roadblock at the conservative-leaning court under Chief Justice John Roberts. Now groups representing women, workers, employers and others are watching to see how the justices handle the company's refusal to reassign Young to light duty during her pregnancy.

    After last June's ruling that Hobby Lobby and other employers with religious objections could deny their employees health insurance coverage for contraceptives, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg went so far as to suggest her male colleagues had a "blind spot" on the issue.
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    Just curious how long will it take to get some news on the case? Is there a scheduled time for case on Wednesday, and will it make news that night?

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    I read somewhere that it's expected in June.
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    The Supreme Court will just hear the case Wednesday. Get all the facts. A case like this may be anywhere from 3 to 12 months to get a decision.
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